Back To Istanbul’s Sultanahmet

We're here at last. Now, the idea was that I would take a photo of our bus in the otogar in Fethiye, showing that it said Istanbul on it. However, we went for a pide (very nice) for our tea and a pretty big flash storm came. We ended staying in there till the last minute - the road in front and some … [Read more...]

Flying To And From Turkey – An Airline Review

"We've found cheap flights from Turkey," we said. "We're coming to Italy." "Oh great," our friend replied. "Who are you flying with?" "Blu-Express. They're an Italian company." "Oh, I've never heard of them." Not what you want to hear from an Italian friend. And then, when the time came, we … [Read more...]

From Fethiye To Istanbul – We’re Off!

In 5 hours' time, we'll be pulling out of the otogar and winding our way up to the opposite end of Turkey to Istanbul on the overnight intercity bus - a journey time of twelve hours or so. The most hated job in the world is done - packing. It doesn't matter how many times we go through everything or … [Read more...]

Getting Around in Turkey – Intercity Buses

Happy happy! We've been to Fethiye Otogar (the bus station) today and booked our bus to Istanbul. Absolute bargain as well. We decided to choose Metro just because we've used them in the past and we like them and it's only cost us 45 lira each. We paid more than that when we went up there four years … [Read more...]

Greetings From Rainy Istanbul

What's the purpose of coming up with an itinerary for a jaunt to Istanbul, if not to completely ignore it? That's not too far away from what's happened with us and it just shows that we're better at being spontaneous rather than organised. Continuous rain has put pay to a few of the activities on … [Read more...]

Istanbul – A View From Galata Bridge

Regular visitors to this blog will have worked out long ago that we're not big on covering all the main tourist sights of Turkey here. It's not that we don't want to! The problem is, we only started this blog a couple of years back when we'd already made numerous visits to Turkey and lived here on … [Read more...]

Istanbul – Çiçek Pasajı (A Surprise Bargain)

Ever heard, or even said, the phrases, 'It's full of tourists. I don't go there. It'll be too expensive.' Well, if you skip these places, you could well be missing out, as we found out when we went to Istanbul in October. This is a photo of the famous Çiçek Pasajı (Flower Passageway) … [Read more...]

Istanbul – Getting Around Beyoğlu

Apologies for the cliche but the Beyoğlu area of Istanbul really is a feast for the senses. It's a tourist's must. Every time we've visited Istanbul, we've spent time in the area and we're still stumbling across streets, bars, shops (Petek's Pickles, for instance) and restaurants we didn't even know … [Read more...]

Istanbul – Istiklal Caddesi Haven – Baraka Bar

Wherever we've travelled to in our lives, we've always hunted out - or stumbled across - a bar where we feel comfortable; somewhere that feels local to the town or city we happen to be in. We're bar people (as you may know!) so we feel we know a city and it's people better once we find the right bar … [Read more...]

Istanbul – Tünel to Karaköy

While the historic tram that trundles up and down Istiklal Caddesi all day long may be one of the little pieces of nostalgia that make up Beyoğlu (and a free ride for the kids who cling to the back of it), for us, the Tünel funicular is an absolute necessity. Walking down the hill towards Karaköy … [Read more...]