Istanbul – Planning Our Trip

Well, what an eye-opener this has been. Whenever we used to go on holiday, we used to love sitting on the sofa, surrounded by guidebooks, planning our day trips around 'pool days.' It was a simple, enjoyable task that we used to look forward to because it fuelled the excitement and anticipation of … [Read more...]

Istanbul: Return to Aya Sofya

Six years ago we visited the amazing city of Istanbul for the first time, no doubt with the same aim as every other first-time visitor to the city; we wanted to see Sultanahmet Camii (the Blue Mosque), Topkapı Palace Museum and Aya Sofya (Haghia Sophia). They were on our must-see list and whatever … [Read more...]

More Aya Sofya Musings

Around three weeks ago, we did the Aya Sofya post for this blog. As we were in Istanbul, we wanted once more to see the majesty that the interior of this building commands - and again, we were amazed by its grand interior. But there's something innate in my being; something instilled in me from … [Read more...]

Musing About Turkey

I was pondering today - again. These photos are of Süleymaniye Mosque, our favourite mosque in Istanbul. The one that's closed at the moment for restoration. Typical. Now, this place is huge and makes up a decent sized chunk of the famous skyline along the Golden Horn. Mimar Sinan was the architect … [Read more...]

Postcard From Istanbul In Springtime

A big hello from sunny Istanbul! We've been here since Friday morning...but, today - the day before we return home to Fethiye - is the first time we've had a chance to sit down and write something. We do like to try and write these little postcards while we're elsewhere in Turkey - an 'on location' … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Hamsi Season Again

Last winter, I wrote about hamsi (anchovies) being for sale on Fethiye fish market. We love hamsi season and it's once more upon us - which means we've come full circle on the seasonal food front, meaning Turkey's For Life is nearly 1 year old. Wow! How did that happen so soon? Anyway, hamsi is … [Read more...]

See You In A Few Days, Fethiye

A lovely Fethiye birthday in Deep Blue Bar last night and now looking forward to my Istanbul birthday tomorrow. Anyone would think we don't get out much with the way I'm going on about our little jaunt to Istanbul. We haven't actually been anywhere overnight since we went back to England last … [Read more...]

This is Turkey – Istanbul Under Restoration

There's a common saying in Turkey, 'Burası Türkiye' which literally translates as, 'This (place) is Turkey.' Well, obviously this is Turkey but this saying means more than that. You'll hear it a lot and it's usually said with palms up and a shrug of the shoulders. If ever you're wandering around … [Read more...]

Travelling Turkey – Our Favourite Posts of 2011

December is whizzing by and we're careering headlong towards 2012, so we thought we'd do what everyone else does at this time of year and take a look back at 12 of our favourite posts of 2011; one for each month. Sitting with notebook and pen and scrolling through the archives this morning, we … [Read more...]