More Aya Sofya Musings

Around three weeks ago, we did the Aya Sofya post for this blog. As we were in Istanbul, we wanted once more to see the majesty that the interior of this building commands - and again, we were amazed by its grand interior. But there's something innate in my being; something instilled in me from … [Read more...]

Turkish Street Food: Tantuni Kebab

For us, the most exciting part of being in Istanbul is the food; mainly the street food. Last year, we couldn't keep away from the deep-fried hamsi at Karaköy fish market, returning on numerous occasions over the few days we were there. When we were back in Fethiye, we drooled at the very thought of … [Read more...]

Istanbul: Kariye Museum – Don’t Miss It!

After having our fill of some of the tastiest köfte we've ever had, we felt warmed inside and confident that we couldn't be too far away from the the special building we were searching for: The Kariye Müzesi (Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora). Istanbul is packed with unexpected pockets of … [Read more...]

Istanbul: When Köfte (And A Nice Man) Comes To The Rescue

If you're a regular reader of Turkey's For Life, you'll know it's not the norm to see 'people photos' in our posts. We did a post on our favourite Fethiye helvacı back in May but that's about it. Well, today, we're happy to be able to add to that and double our tiny tally of 'people photos.' Durak … [Read more...]

Turkish Coffee – Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi

The Turks are very proud of their coffee and describe Turkish coffee as their gift to the world. Ask anyone in Turkey what the most famous brand of Turkish coffee is and, without hesitation, the reply will be Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi. These days, under the ownership of Mehmet Efendi's … [Read more...]

Istanbul: Return to Aya Sofya

Six years ago we visited the amazing city of Istanbul for the first time, no doubt with the same aim as every other first-time visitor to the city; we wanted to see Sultanahmet Camii (the Blue Mosque), Topkapı Palace Museum, Aya Sofya (Haghia Sophia) and the eerie Basilica Cistern. They were on our … [Read more...]

Antique Hostel & Guesthouse In Sultanahmet, Istanbul

Regular readers of Turkey's For Life will know that whenever we take off to somewhere other than Fethiye, we're not going off with the thought process of money is no object. Money is the object for us. And these days, as one of us has hit our late 30s and Barry is not too far behind, our little … [Read more...]

Istanbul: Eurasia Marathon Expo 2011

The first time we took part in a running event was last year in the 2010 Eurasia Marathon in Istanbul. Barry did the 15km and I did the 8km run. We had to go to the expo the day before to pick up our numbers, timing chips, eat some free pasta and then I thought that would be it. But we were … [Read more...]

Greetings From Rainy Istanbul

What's the purpose of coming up with an itinerary for a jaunt to Istanbul, if not to completely ignore it? That's not too far away from what's happened with us and it just shows that we're better at being spontaneous rather than organised. Continuous rain has put pay to a few of the activities on … [Read more...]

Istanbul Eurasia Marathon 2011 – 5 Days To Go

On Sunday 15th October, we'll be in Istanbul, taking part in the 2011 Istanbul Eurasia Marathon. Barry is registered for the full 26.2 mile stretch whereas I'll be doing the 15k (9 miles). For both of us, it will be the furthest we have ever run and the idea was to do a bit of a charity fundraiser … [Read more...]