Would You Run In Stilettos? The Runatolia Antalya Ladies Do!

Yes, this year, we again returned to Antalya for the 2015 Runatolia races so that Barry could take part in the half marathon. In previous years, the event has been called Runtalya and it's just getting more and more popular every year. Last year, we realised there was also a high-heel … [Read more...]

A Postcard From Antalya

Greetings from Antalya. As usual, when you go away somewhere, your feet don't touch the ground and you don't get to do what you fully intended to do. Today's plan, for example, was to tell you all about quite possibly the oddest race we've ever watched - the ladies high heel race that took place … [Read more...]

Antalya Museum – Our Favourite Museum In Turkey?

What makes Antalya Museum a memorable museum? Well, for us, it's not just the collections they have in the building. We've been to Istanbul Archaeological Museum in the past - one of the finest collections in the world, we're told - and we'll be honest and tell you we got bored eventually. That's a … [Read more...]

Runtalya 2014: Photos From The Viewpoint Of A Spectator

Yes, this is the first time I haven't taken part in a run in Turkey when Barry has. I was the spectator. Our first run was in Istanbul in 2010. We'd followed a basic running programme to get us started at a pace faster than strolling and, lo and behold, it worked - to the point that we decided to … [Read more...]

Duman At The Jolly Joker Concert Hall In Antalya – Realising A Dream!

Food, music, sport - a big part of our lives. And, it's got to be said, very easy to indulge our love for them in Turkey. When we first moved to Fethiye ten years ago, we started to get to know of different Turkish bands and, as soon as Duman blasted into our ears one night in Deep Blue, we were … [Read more...]

Antalya Tea Gardens: Thirst-Quenching Views of Antalya

All cities have their own personality and, for us, sitting in bars and cafes allows a little peak into what makes the people of a particular city tick. Whenever we visit any new city, this activity is just as important to us as rushing around, doing all the sightseeing we feel we ought to … [Read more...]

Antalya Coast Shipwreck: Photo Story

Shipwreck viewed from a distance on the coast of the centre of Antalya Last December, we posted about the heavy storms that hit the Turkish coast and displayed photographs of Çalış Beach and the damage the storms had caused. We had never seen Çalış so badly affected by storms and whenever the … [Read more...]

Artistic Antalya – Exploring City Centre Sculptures

People who go to the Southern Turkish city of Antalya inevitably come away with memories of wandering around and getting lost in the old city of Kaleiçi, passing through the castle walls via Hadrian's Gate (Üç Kapı) and enjoying views of Antalya harbour from above. We did all those things and … [Read more...]

Antalya: Hadrian’s Gate, A Kind Policeman & A Turkish Lesson

Whenever we think of Hadrian's Gate in Antalya, we always remember the kind traffic policeman who took pity on us the first time we ever drove to the city from Fethiye. All we knew was that our hotel was in Antalya old town. After accidentally jumping far too many red lights to remember (we were … [Read more...]

Turkish Food: An Artistic Antalya Spice Stall

One of the things we love about being in Turkey is the abundance of spices available to us. As you know, we both enjoy cooking and experimenting with different Turkish recipes and the fact that we can just go along to buy spices from Fethiye Fish Market and buy as much or as little as we need makes … [Read more...]