Wandering Kalkan – Taking A Breather From All Things Shopping

This little Fethiye exodus to Kalkan to attend the opening of Rana Butik Doğaltaş had involved the usual palaver where you end up thinking, "Surely this could have been much easier than everyone is making it." The logistics of let's-all-go-on-a-day-trip always seem to lose a bit of logic, and so it … [Read more...]

A ‘Family Outing’ From Fethiye To Kalkan

Yes, around three weeks ago, there was a bit of a mini Fethiye exodus to Kalkan and we were part of it. When we say, 'family outing to Kalkan,' it's not so much mums, dads and kids as our usual crowd who we see in Deep Blue Bar on a regular basis. It was this 'family' that jumped into several cars … [Read more...]

Kalkan – One Day We’ll Get To Know You Better

There are many advantages to living in this area of Turkey: countless beautiful places to take off to for a day out is one of those advantages - and another, perhaps slightly more obscure advantage is visiting friends at work. While many of our friends work ridiculously long hours during the summer … [Read more...]

Looking Down On Kaputaş Beach – The Treats Of Turkey’s D400

Regular readers will know we have a bit of an obsession with the D400 road that runs along the length of the southern coast of Turkey (we have a post coming up soon dedicated to this lengthy stretch of tarmac) and anyone who has driven along it will know why. Mountains, Mediterranean, twists and … [Read more...]

Day Out In Kalkan – Second Attempt

'So, dad, what do you think of Kalkan?' 'I think the taxi drivers must be rich and their cars never get out of second gear!' My dad used to be a taxi driver and his views of any place always seem to be formed around the taxi-driving experience. When he visited us last month, we'd hired a car and … [Read more...]

Day Trip From Fethiye – Kalkan

Just before we started this blog we went to Kalkan and Kaş for the day and I've been meaning to write about Kalkan ever since. I've lost count of the amount of times we've been to Kaş and, in the process, driven straight past Kalkan to get there. It's just one of those places where we always … [Read more...]