St. Nicholas, Santa Claus & Mediterranean Turkey – What’s The Link?

Father Christmas, Santa Claus, St. Nicholas - whatever name we assign to him (and in the UK, we do fluctuate), we all know who he is, don't we? He's that big jolly man in the bright red suit, big black boots and a fluffy white beard. He's busy in Lapland for most of the year, getting the toys … [Read more...]

Olympos Ruins – Mystery And Haunting Beauty

Unlike our arrival at the ruins of Phaselis, there was no mistaking our approach to Olympos. We were sat right at the front of the boat on our gulet cruise and had sailed by all manner of all-inclusive resorts lining the beaches of Tekirova. Now, after a stretch of green-cliffed coastline, a curve … [Read more...]

The Ancient Phaselis Ruins – Gulets, Forests & Beaches

The engines of the gulet slowed to a steady purr as we pulled into the natural sweeping harbour. Pine trees and the sweep of a sandy beach greeted us as the chains rankled. The anchor dropped for the first time on our blue cruise from Kemer to Kekova and back again. "Phaselis," said our deck hand, … [Read more...]

Our Kemer To Kekova Gulet Cruise – The Low Down

Gulet: A sailing boat, usually ketch- or schooner-rigged, chiefly used in the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, esp. for holiday cruises - Oxford English Dictionary The Turkish gulet cruise; that most graceful of prima ballerinas of the southern and southwestern Turkish seas. Every year, … [Read more...]

A Postcard From The Lycian Coast

Greetings from the Lycian coast of Turkey. That's the area where thousands of people take to the sea each summer to journey along Turkey's Mediterranean shoreline - the famous Blue Cruises. We've lived in Turkey for so long now - on this very coast, in Fethiye, and we've never done a cruise on a … [Read more...]

Myra: Springtime Lycian & Roman Explorations

Back in March of this year, we were in Antalya for Runatolia, a running event that Barry took part in. If you followed the posts, you'll know that we took a hire car with us. And, on the way back, because we wanted to see the ruins of ancient Myra again, we did a mini D400 coastal road trip rather … [Read more...]

Adrasan Beach – A Detour From Our D400 Road Trip

In our previous post, we took you on a road trip along the coastal D400 road from Antalya to Fethiye. For the driver, it's a road that continually gives - and all it asks in return is that you take it easy, enjoy the amazing views, take in the layer-upon-layer of history...and just take your time on … [Read more...]

Antalya Restaurants & Bars – A Few Places We Liked…

It's fair to say that it's taken us a few visits to really click with Antalya...but we don't like to be defeated - and, thanks to Barry running in Runatolia for the last couple of years, along with a quick overnight trip to watch our favourite Turkish band, Duman, at the Jolly Joker, it's meant … [Read more...]

Antalya Harbour & The Lift – Practical Beauty

Such a simple idea, yet so practical, so useful...and also so beautiful. But then aren't the simplest ideas supposed to be the best ideas? And, inevitably, this much needed practical solution is also going to be a great tourist attraction for Antalya. We're talking about the lift down to the old … [Read more...]

Have We Found Our Ideal Budget Antalya Hotel? Otel Twenty Could Be The One…

Budget's the name of the game when ever we go away anywhere - and recently, when we were in Antalya for Runatolia 2015, we again went on an online hunt for budget accommodation for our 3-night stay. We've learned the hard way with this, though, and past experience has taught us it's a bit of a … [Read more...]