Topçu Kebap – Antalya Usulü Piyaz In Antalya City Centre

There are many cities and regions in Turkey that are famous for particular recipes or foods - and Antalya is no exception to the case. On so many occasions on this blog, we've written about our love of köfte; yeah, you know we love our köfte - we've done various köfte recipes in the past such as … [Read more...]

Runatolia 2015 – The Colours Of Antalya

That's the overriding memory of both last year's Runtalya 2014 and this year's Runatolia (there's been a name change); just a mass of colour. Last year, I perched myself on the bridge over the start line to take photos and to try to spot Barry in the mass of runners. Of course, that was a futile … [Read more...]

Would You Run In Stilettos? The Runatolia Antalya Ladies Do!

Yes, this year, we again returned to Antalya for the 2015 Runatolia races so that Barry could take part in the half marathon. In previous years, the event has been called Runtalya and it's just getting more and more popular every year. Last year, we realised there was also a high-heel … [Read more...]

Wandering Kalkan – Taking A Breather From All Things Shopping

This little Fethiye exodus to Kalkan to attend the opening of Rana Butik Doğaltaş had involved the usual palaver where you end up thinking, "Surely this could have been much easier than everyone is making it." The logistics of let's-all-go-on-a-day-trip always seem to lose a bit of logic, and so it … [Read more...]

A ‘Family Outing’ From Fethiye To Kalkan

Yes, around three weeks ago, there was a bit of a mini Fethiye exodus to Kalkan and we were part of it. When we say, 'family outing to Kalkan,' it's not so much mums, dads and kids as our usual crowd who we see in Deep Blue Bar on a regular basis. It was this 'family' that jumped into several cars … [Read more...]

Antalya Museum – Our Favourite Museum In Turkey?

What makes Antalya Museum a memorable museum? Well, for us, it's not just the collections they have in the building. We've been to Istanbul Archaeological Museum in the past - one of the finest collections in the world, we're told - and we'll be honest and tell you we got bored eventually. That's a … [Read more...]

Runtalya 2014: Photos From The Viewpoint Of A Spectator

Yes, this is the first time I haven't taken part in a run in Turkey when Barry has. I was the spectator. Our first run was in Istanbul in 2010. We'd followed a basic running programme to get us started at a pace faster than strolling and, lo and behold, it worked - to the point that we decided to … [Read more...]

Duman At The Jolly Joker Concert Hall In Antalya – Realising A Dream!

Food, music, sport - a big part of our lives. And, it's got to be said, very easy to indulge our love for them in Turkey. When we first moved to Fethiye ten years ago, we started to get to know of different Turkish bands and, as soon as Duman blasted into our ears one night in Deep Blue, we were … [Read more...]

Staying Overnight In Kaş: Discovering Familiarity At Meltem Pension

A while back, you may remember we stayed overnight in Kaş in a seafront hotel; Gardenia Boutique Hotel. That stay was very kindly passed on to us by a reader who could no longer go there. Idyllic autumnal views, everything starting to slow right down in Kaş, we just felt really chilled and … [Read more...]

Kaş: How We Came To Stay Overnight In A Seafront Boutique Hotel

And so it came to pass that Barry and Julia found themselves with the opportunity to stay in a seafront room of Gardenia Boutique Hotel  in Kaş. We do love Kaş! But you know us; we'll grab a hostel or pension wherever we go. As long as it's got a clean bed to sleep in, we're happy. So how did this … [Read more...]