Turkish Recipes

Turkish RecipesLiving in Turkey means we get to indulge in lots of Turkish food and we also love to cook at home, trying out our next Turkish recipes.

This page is our recipe index, featuring all the easy Turkish recipes that are on our website.

It’s grouped into different sections with pictures so that you can quickly find the ones you want to try out.

Some of the recipes are completely traditional whilst others have our own little take on them – well, we like to experiment in the kitchen.

All Of Our Turkish Recipes In One Place…


Turkish Soup

Soup is an integral part of Turkish cuisine and it’s eaten at all times of day and night. Don’t be surprised to see Turkish people in 24-hour lokantas eating soup with a side salad and chillies at 4am, for example. It’s just what you do here, and why not? We love homemade soups and still have quite a few Turkish soup recipes to work through.

Turkish Meze & Salad Recipes

When you’re sat round any dining area in Turkey, there will always be meze plates and salads of some description.

Because of the hot summers in Fethiye, we tend to experiment with lots of different meze recipes so we can have light foods in the fridge to graze on.

So, as you can see, our recipe section for Turkish meze and salads is quite sizeable and we’re always adding to it.

Turkish Breakfast & Light Lunch Ideas

Mmmm, we love us a long, lazy Sunday out, enjoying a Turkish village breakfast but there are lots of other Turkish breakfast, light lunch & snack recipes out there, too.

These are just some of the breakfast and light lunches we’ve done so far – definitely more to come!

Turkish Meat & Seafood Recipes

It’s difficult to bracket each Turkish recipe into its own neat little box, so, in this section are all the dishes that fall into the meat and seafood category.

Many of them are main meals such as grills and stews and there are some Ottoman recipes, too.

Although Turkey has a huge coastline, Turkish cuisine isn’t often associated with seafood but more chefs are definitely experimenting with adapting Turkish dishes to include seafood.

Turkish Börek Recipes

What is Turkish cuisine without börek recipes?

There are loads of different Turkish recipes out there that centre around börek and we’ve only just scratched the surface.

There’s something really nice about going to the yufkacı to buy circular leaves of freshly made yufka (phyllo pastry) and taking it home to work with it and produce a börek meal.

Definitely more börek recipes on the way…

Turkish Legume Dishes

The posh (and shorter) explanation for all those lentil, beans and pea dishes (here’s a full list of the world’s edible legumes).

Legumes feature heavily in Turkish cuisine and the shelves of shops and supermarkets are usually packed with bags of dried legumes of all sizes.

You can also buy them loose from the local markets. Here are our some Turkish dishes featuring all those healthy legume ingredients…

Turkish Rice & Bulgur Wheat Recipes

As well as legumes, rice and bulgur wheat are also staples.

Whilst they are often served as accompaniments to other foods, there are also many Turkish dishes where rice or bulgur wheat is the star ingredient.

Here are our Turkish recipes using either of these two staples.

Turkish Desserts

The people of Turkey love their sweet foodie offerings.

There’s a whole array of traditional Turkish desserts out there for those of you with a sweet tooth.

However, if you haven’t got a sweet tooth (like us), diving head first into those Turkish dishes which cheerfully celebrate mounds of sugar; it can all feel quite mind boggling.

As you can see below, our dabblings with the sweeter side of the recipes of Turkey are a tad on the rare side. A bit easier on the sugar content, too.

Because of the size of the country, Turkey has many different climates and landscapes.

This means the cuisine is varied from region to region, giving us a whole array of Turkish dishes to try out and experiment with.

Wherever we travel to in the country, even if it somewhere relatively close by, we usually come back armed with at least one new recipe to try out because we’ve discovered a dish we’ve never seen before.

Slowly, slowly, each new recipe we do will appear on this page…

Happy cooking!

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