Turkish Food – Pickles. It’s official…They’re good for you!

One of the good things about starting this blog is we find out loads of information we didn’t previously know – some of it because you feel like you have to do a bit of research then you don’t write complete rubbish all the time and some of it because other people pass on their info when you write about something they know about.

So, as you know, we’ve been writing about Turkish pickles recently and my own love of pickles and pickle juice. Well, I feel I have to write about this lovely food (and drink) again. This is because I just discovered something. Can you believe this? There is a website for PICKLEPOPS!!!

Us closet pickle juice drinkers are apparently quite big in number and someone has designed ice pops in the flavour of pickles! And, even better, this website claims that pickle juice is good for you. That’s me sorted then.

Make Turkish Pickles

Turkish pickles are often to be found in rather large plastic tubs

This photograph is my current batch of Turkish pickles which, unfortunately, are not ready for another week and a half yet. I can assure you the vinegar will not be going to waste! I’d never had pickled carrots till we came to Turkey. They’re lovely. This is the first time I’ve done my own though so we’ll have to see how they turn out.

Well, the weather in Fethiye has been lovely today. It almost felt like spring. We walked along the harbour to have a couple of the old Efes Pilsen and sat outside without coats. The harbour was packed. Think everyone was out to play because it was so nice. I’ve just been informed cold weather is on its way though so glad we made the most of it today.

There’s some development on the new harbour. The steel frame for the bridge has finally been put in place. I took a photo so will put that on the post tomorrow. Also, we reckon the new (possible) McDonald’s in Fethiye is going to have a roof terrace. Looks like there’s some sort of wall being built around the top of the building.

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  1. Closet pickle juice drinker….I love pickles too and your post reminds me of the health claims/benefits of apple cider vinegar which may very well be related.

    Also, if pickles were so bad for you why do pregnant women crave them?

    Happy pickling (and eating!) I love the pickled cabbage and hot peppers you find here in Turkey, and salgam, the purple-colored pickling juice of the black carrot. Turks believe it has warming qualities and drink it in winter…

  2. I was enchanted with the idea of making tangerine marmalade and I did but I added too much of the jelling powder and it tasted a bit YUCK.. I After that I didn’t have the energy nor inclination to try another batch. Still the idea of it sounds dandy.

    By the way, just found your blog and am posting it as “Blogs I follow” on my own blog. Take care!

  3. Ahhh, is Salgam what they sell on the street in Eminonu in Istanbul??
    Nomad, thanks for following.

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