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Pre-blog Turkey Days…and a hint of regret

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I’m not a regrets type of person – life’s for getting on with – so one of the regrets in my life that bugs me is going to seem very trivial to probably loads of people…but, well, that’s life. When we first moved out to Turkey (we didn’t move out here, as I’ve said before, but I’ll write about that tomorrow) we based ourselves in Fethiye and travelled around quite a few places in the country in a short amount of time. All amazing and fantastic and…the big regret…minus my beloved digital camera.

I’m sure other people thought the same as me…please tell me you thought the same as me! I was very stubborn and as digital cameras first came out, loads of my friends bought them at horrendous prices, took photos and insisted on showing the photo to me immediately. I know, grumpy me, but I really wasn’t interested at looking at me / other people on a screen when I was with them there and then in person. (If I sound like a 60 year old now, apologies…I’m 35!!) So, I stuck to my ‘point and shoot’ camera where you bought a Kodak film that could take 24 or 36 photos. No zoom, no buttons to play with – and no screen to show my mates what photo I’d just taken. I was perfectly happy with that!

Keeping A Diary

Still love a bit of pen and paper

And so, ‘Barry and Julia’s first year in Turkey’ was all carefully photographed (I’m a bit of an obsessive taker of photographs), put in to one BIG photo album and then left I don’t know where back in Wigan somewhere. The classic case of when you move house (or are maybe even temporarily between countries), you carefully box and label everything and then something always disappears. The album is gone.

My birthday 2008. Barry suggested I finally succumb to a digital camera (I think he was sick of queueing up at Max Spielman with me every Saturday afternoon). If it’s gonna be a prezzy, who am I to refuse? We were back in Manchester at the time so I registered with ‘Which?’ and started to study cameras. I don’t do technology at all so it was all very strange to me – the fact I’m writing this now on the internet is amazing if you knew me in a previous life! Anyway, I chose the camera I have now (hmmm, think I should be ready for an update soon?) and I can snap away to my heart’s content without cramming the house with photos. Okay, okay, digital cameras are a great idea! I was just a bit late catching on….

…and as a result, have no photos from our travels.

Luckily however (cue today’s photo), I’m also a compulsive hoarder of freebie and very cheap souvenirs from our travels – our ‘paper blog.’ Quite ironic that I’ve had to use my digital camera to take a photo of my handwritten diary. Any entrance tickets we buy, any restaurant cards, postcards, club flyers, bla bla, they all go in my diary/scrapbook. This scrapbook is the only concrete thing I have from our travels now. I’m glad I’ve got it!

And so, why this page? Because my birthday is again on the very near horizon, my camera is nearly 2 years old and we’re off to Istanbul as a birthday break. It’ll be our 5th or 6th time there – but the first time with my digital camera. Which of course means we have to go back to all the big ‘must see’ places (such as Aya Sofya, the Blue Mosque and Süleymaniye Camii) that we’ve already seen just so I can get some pics. I’m not complaining! Oh, and I still love my scrapbook so I’ll still be buying/picking up all things souvenirish to stick in there. Roll on my birthday – even if I will be 36…

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Wednesday 10th of February 2010

well happy birthday on the horizon, I used to hate posing for pictures or even taking them on vacation hence I have almost no photographs of some of our travels- In China our friend took all the pictures, in Thailand we have just two we bought when we took the kids on an elephant ride, in NZ I have a couple of myself looking grumpy because I didn't want to be bothered. How things change, now I take my camera every where and even photograph the bugs. you never know, perhaps the album with show up.


Tuesday 9th of February 2010

very recognizable! I have stacks of picture books still at my moms house. I should really ask her to start sending them over one by one.Somehow since I have a digi cam I don't take that many pictures anymore....I always liked the suspense of turning in your role of film and waiting where the tumb in the lense was this time :)...i don't know...i guess i'm quite nostalgic with those things.

Hope you will enjoy your bday weekend in Istanbul and the weather is not too bad so you can go see all the 'must sees'!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.