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Travel Time – A Birthday Trip

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A lovely Fethiye birthday in Deep Blue Bar last night and now looking forward to my Istanbul birthday tomorrow.

Anyone would think we don’t get out much with the way I’m going on about our little jaunt to Istanbul.

We haven’t actually been anywhere overnight since we went back to England last January so you’ll just have to humour me. I’m all excited.

Just about managed to squish everything into the rucksacks and now we’re just going to go out and get some tea (maybe a pide – Turkish pizza) and then we’ll be off to Fethiye otogar to get our 9 o’clock bus to Istanbul.

Fethiye From Aksazlar
Fethiye – what’s not to love?

Official arrival time in Istanbul is 9am but from past experience of getting buses at this time it’s going to be later than that because we’ll get stuck in commuter traffic as we reach the toll roads into the city.

All will be well, though. MP3 players and books are all to hand if we get bored of upright sleeping.

Have laptop, will blog.

The laptop is coming with us to Istanbul so we’ll be blogging from there. Prepare to be bored by ridiculous amounts of photos – my camera batteries have been on charge all day.

I wrote a while back about going to loads of places in Turkey with no digital camera and the photos are now lost somewhere back in Blighty.

Well, this is our 5th or 6th visit to Istanbul – the last visit was four years ago – but this is the first visit with my camera.

A busy busy few days ahead and probably a lot of patience required from Barry while I wander around aimlessly, snapping away.

Ooooohhh, can’t wait.

Right, hopefully, the next time we write a post on this blog (tomorrow), we’ll be sat overlooking the Bosphorus from the Antique Hostel, maybe a bit cold, most definitely a bit groggy-eyed from non-profitable kip…but also most definitely ready for action and itching to go out and re-explore.

This will be an unintentional manual on how to explore Istanbul on a budget (as we do everything on a budget). Street food it is then.

Brilliant! Our favourite.

(The weather in Fethiye is actually grey and rainy today but I thought I’d put a sunny Fethiye photo on while we won’t be seeing home for a few days).

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Turkey's For Life

Monday 8th of March 2010

Thanks both. I'm going to post all my photos on Flickr when I get time.


Saturday 27th of February 2010

Grey weather, its lovely and bright with all the lightning......

A very happy birthday to you, and have a great time in Istanbul.


Saturday 27th of February 2010

I am looking forward to the pics :) Will remind me of my own Istanbul trips...gosh, enjoy every minute and have fun!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.