Turkish Food – Sucuk (Turkish Sausage)

Sucuk (pronounced sujuk) is just gorgeous. It’s traditional Turkish sausage and you’ll see it described on some English menus as ‘garlic sausage.’ We think this is misleading. It’s a spicy sausage and the nearest taste to it is the Italian pepperoni which you get on a pizza.

A fantastic and simple Turkish dish – sucuklu yumurta – is to fry a few slices of sucuk (it only takes about a minute) and then to crack eggs into the pan so that they fry and set around your sucuk slices. Yummy! Sucuk also often features in a Turkish village breakfast.

Sucuk Homemade By Fethiye Butchers

Sucuk hangs from butcher’s hooks

It’s also really good (ssshhhh!) if you put a few slices into kızartma. However, do not do this to impress your Turkish friends. We made it once for a barbecue and asked a Turkish friend to try it. His face was a picture…

‘You don’t put sucuk in kızartma!’
‘We know that but it goes really well. Try it.’
‘Kızartma doesn’t have sucuk in it.’
‘Well, let’s call it something different then…’ and so on…

Kızartma doesn’t have sucuk in it, he’s right…oh, but it’s good!

You can buy sucuk in the supermarkets but it’s really expensive. If you do get it from the supermarket, buy it from the deli counter. It’s cheaper and more ‘real.’

The chicken and egg stalls on Fethiye markets also sell it. We usually go for the acı (spicy hot) variety and prefer the harder, more cured ones to the squishy sucuk.

There’s also a really decent butchers that we use a lot in the fish market in Fethiye. The shop’s called Çarıklı and he makes his own sucuk and it’s really good. We’ve not been cheeky enough to ask yet but we thought about asking them to make a special spicy batch up for us.

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  1. Look at that! Love it!!!! 😀

  2. I agree. Looove it (:

  3. I wonder how hard it is to make your own sucuk or even to track down a recipe.

  4. It is great. I wonder if the butcher would ell us how to make it Sarah. Bet he says ‘no’!!

  5. Kayseri lezzeti sucuk ve pastırma sucukevim den alınır

  6. @ Anonymous: Thank you. Will make sure we buy it next time we go to Kayseri

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