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Day Trip From Fethiye – Boat Trip To Göcek

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Ahh, the famous Fethiye boat trips. We can’t write about all of them in one post or else we’ll be writing all day.

And anyone reading this will become either very bored or completely overwhelmed with too much information.

Basically, if you want to do one of the public boat trips from Fethiye, there are three different routes to choose from – the Fethiye 12 Islands boat trip, the Blue Bays or the Göcek Market boat trip.

The first two are daily (in season) and the Göcek trip is every Sunday (also in season) to coincide with the market.

Fethiye Gocek Boat Trips
Morning view of Fethiye harbour and marina from the boat

The most popular of the trips is the 12 Islands boat trip.

But we were talking about this the other day and we’ve both agreed that our favourite is the Sunday market Göcek trip.

And that’s the one we did on Sunday (obviously) with our friends. A perfect day out because the Fethiye weather is much more settled now and it’s not too hot to lie on the top deck of the boat in the sun all day.

The top photo was taken from the top deck of our boat, Oasis, just before we set off.

The boat in the foreground is the most common type of the day trip boats.

Sunbathing room at the top and shaded area at the bottom for those who don’t enjoy baking all day. Once we hit July and August, if we do a boat trip, we’re usually to be found hiding in the shade.

We’re not professional sunbathers.

Göcek Marina
Looking out over Göcek Marina

So, on Sunday, the suncream was liberally applied, earphones in, MP3 player full blast and we were away.

The reason why we prefer the Göcek boat trip over the other Fethiye boat trips is because you can combine two day trips in one.

A day on the boat and a 2 hour break in the beautiful port of Göcek. As most things we do are done on a budget, this is perfect for us.

We ate lunch on the boat (included in the price) but if you’re not on a budget, a lot of people choose not to order the meal and then eat once they arrive in Göcek.

We arrived there at 13:30 so it’s a good time for lunch.

Luckily for us, some friends of ours did this trip on the same day as us but on a different boat. We had a stroll around Göcek and then met up with them for a drink.

They’d ordered loads of mezes which they couldn’t finish because they were too full so we all got the benefit of that.

She’ll be reading this at some point. Thanks Jan.

Göcek Islands, Turkey
Visit some of the famous 12 islands on the boat trip

Some of the boats that do this trip will have a swim stop on the way across from Fethiye.

But our boat went straight across to Göcek because the owner suggested it makes life a bit more comfortable as it means you don’t have to walk around in wet swimming gear.

Makes sense to us.

We had two swim stops on the way back. The above photo is of the boat mooring up at Flat Island for the first swim of the day.

Until the day before when I went in the swimming pool at the Golden Moon Hotel in Çalış, I hadn’t had a swim this year.

Sunday was my first time in the sea this summer and I’ve got to say, the beautiful Mediterranean sea is still ‘refreshing.’

Göcek Market Boat Trip – Useful Info

  • The standard choice these days seems to be trout, butterflied chicken thigh or (packet) köfte and all are served with pasta, salad and bread. Vegetarians are usually served an omelette.
  • The boat leaves Fethiye at about 11:30 and arrives back at 18:30.
  • We had 2 swim stops (some boats do 3 stops) and just over two hours in Göcek.

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Saturday 13th of May 2023

Hi, thanks for the post and idea. Did you book a boat in advance / online / or you can just pick any in the marina?

Turkey's For Life

Wednesday 17th of May 2023

Hi Natasha, there's usually space on the boats doing to Göcek boat trip on the day but you can book in advance - just stop at one of the booths whenever you're walking past. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.