Fethiye Earth Tremor

The last time we wrote about an earth tremor in Fethiye was 13th December 2009 and we’re writing about one again today. In fact, the region of Muğla is not a happy bunny at all today.

We had an earth tremor this morning and then the mountains surrounding Fethiye trapped any bit of cloud or haze they could and we heard grumbling thunder over Babadağ whilst walking back from the Fethiye Tuesday market.

Really windy too along the harbour. Wonder if they’ve managed to do any paragliding today? We can still hear distant rumbles now. Very odd Fethiye weather!

The earth tremors are strange happenings. We feel them straight away now because once you’ve experienced your first one, it’s a weird feeling that you recognise straight away when another tremor comes along. So there I was, sitting on the couch with the laptop on my knee.

The first little judder, I thought, ‘Oh, muscle spasms in my leg are making the laptop jiggle about,’ and then it dawned on me. I put the laptop down and sat still for a minute, and then, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. ‘Baaarrrry.’

‘Yes it is.’

Barry was ‘using the bathroom,’ shall we say, whilst the tremor was in progress. He came downstairs to look at whichever website it is we use – I think it’s something to do with Bosphorus University in Istanbul – but it didn’t register at first.

Pretty soon though, and with a few other confirmations from friends on Twitter, we had the culprit. I think the people in Marmaris and Datça (and possibly the Greek island of Symi) got a bigger shake than we did as the epicentre was in that area.

We went outside onto the terrace and asked our holidaying next door neighbours, who had been sitting on their terrace throughout, if they felt the tremor. No. Maybe it is one of those things where once you’ve felt one, you can’t miss it. I’m not sure which is best; knowing exactly what’s going on or being completely oblivious to it…

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  1. yikes, earthquake weather. we have them sometimes. Once I just parked my car and thought I still had the engine running- but no it was a mini earthquake

  2. ‘Earthquake weather.’ Do you think that exists? It’s a favourite topic of conversation amongst Turks here.

  3. Hi, we felt the tremor on the beach at Club Latoonia. I think the it was a magnitude 3 with epicentre near Palu.

    b e n

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