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Turkish Festivals – Ramazan Bayramı

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Yesterday evening’s sunset marked the end of Ramazan and after the contemplation and fasting of the last month (for those that observed it), Turkey is now celebrating Ramazan Bayramı. We like the festivals in Turkey – everyone is in a good mood and it’s a happy time.

During Ramazan Bayramı, it’s traditional for the local children to go round knocking on doors, wishing the people who answer the door ‘İyi Bayramlar’ and then the person hands out sweets to the children. And so, we’re sat at home now with a huge plate of sweets looking at us. And every year, we do the same – buy that extra bag just in case. But ‘just in case’ never happens and we end up eating the extra bag of sweets between us.

Sweeties for Şeker Bayram

Şeker Bayram sweeties – now we just need the kids to come…

The kids round this part of Fethiye soon get wise to who gives the goodies and who doesn’t and so we tend to get the same two groups of kids every year. The first time they came, they all froze when I opened the door. ‘Aarrrgh, we’ve knocked on a foreigner’s door! Now what do we do?’ That’s what their faces said. It’s always fun to see the relief on their faces when you wish them İyi Bayramlar and offer them some sweets. We’re hoping these kids come this year or else we’re going to be stuck here with all these colourful, sugary, chewy sweeties tempting us and demanding to be eaten!

As I write, we can also hear the Ramazan drummers. They’ve spent the last month walking the streets of Fethiye, banging their drums to wake the people up to eat before sunrise. Today, they’re walking the streets of Fethiye, banging their drums loud and proud. They wish people İyi Bayramlar and hope for a few tips. We normally give them a tip, just for the fun of it. We never really hear them during Ramazan – the fan’s too noisy – but it’s always nice to finally see the night time drummer in person. Unfortunately, today they chose to come round our street at 8:30am. Too early for us, sorry. We were still in bed. I was hoping to ask them if I could have a photo for this post but nevermind. That opportunity may come next year…

İyi Bayramlar!

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Turkey's For Life

Friday 10th of September 2010

Same to you, Sedat :)

Sedat Kurtulus

Thursday 9th of September 2010

İyi Bayramlar. :hug:

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