Seasonal Food in Turkey – Nar (Pomegranates)

Mmm, I’m just trying to decide which season I look forward to the most. Is it late Spring / early Summer when all the huge, black Nif cherries are out? Or is it Autumn? Autumn is the time for these beauties.

Pomegranate In Turkey

Pomegranate trees are everywhere in our area of Turkey

Pomegranates (Nar) are one of my favourite fruits, along with cherries. However, I think I’ll have to plump for pomegranates as the favourite.
Reason 1 is that they ripen in Autumn and we love this time of year anyway.
Reason 2 is that many of our other favourites in the seasonal produce category are going to be available on the markets of Fethiye over the coming weeks, so the visibility of pomegranates makes us excited about that.
Reason 3 is that pomegranates are used to make the indispensable nar ekşisi – useful in the kitchen in so many ways. We haven’t got any in at the moment (well, we have but it’s the factory produced version – not nearly as good as the homemade version) but I think we’ll wait for the 2010 batches to be made. So much to look forward to in the coming months.

We haven’t seen too many pomegranates on the food markets yet but over the next couple of weeks, they’ll be there; huge, misshapen, juicy baubles of loveliness. Can’t wait!

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  1. in istanbul weather is awful,rainy,dark and i dont like it:((
    so u r gonna make nar eksisi ?? waiting for recipe, i like it but always buy from market..

  2. I just picked up some pomegranates at our farmers market today, I have been seeing them everywhere lately!

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