Çalış Beach Sunset – Photo Story

Sunset on Çalış Beach

A cloudy day ends in a beautiful Çalış Beach sunset

I know we’ve posted Çalış Beach sunset photos in the past, but this is an Autumn sunset – and well, we all love a good sunset photo.

We’ve had a couple of friends visiting Fethiye from Ankara for the last couple of days. They left tonight after trying to extend their stay but they were told there were no available seats on any intercity buses for the next three days – that’s Kurban Bayram for you!

As time was obviously limited we made a quick decision about what to do last night. Our friend is quite into photography and they’ve never visited Fethiye before so the natural thought was, ‘Well, we’ve got to catch the sunset at Çalış Beach.’ We made it, just as the sun had disappeared below the horizon and was colouring the sky and we both took far too many photos.

Our friends were keen to see some of the Fethiye sights we have on our Fethiye Must Sees page and I thought, ‘Well, at least the Çalış Beach sunset can be ticked off the list.’…Except it can’t because I went into the page this morning and we’ve not even got it on there! Hey, we’re a work in progress. The wrong shall be rectified in due course.

(Update – We are happy to say that the Çalıs Beach sunset has been added – finally! – to our Fethiye Must Sees page.)

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  1. This is such a beautiful photo! I can just imagine the actual scenery!

  2. Thank you. The scenery helps! 🙂 It is beautiful – but much nicer at sunset.

  3. That was such a wonderful trip – thanks again for showing us around!

  4. @ Stephanie: So weird that you posted that on Facebook at the same time as I pulled this photo out of the archives. Was great to meet you both. 🙂

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