Seasonal Food in Turkey – Huge Green Cabbage!

As the chill quickly descends over Fethiye (is it going to be a particularly cold winter? Our friend predicted it a while ago and I’m starting to think he might be right!), the autumnal, seasonal produce is appearing on the markets of Fethiye.

There isn’t a season of the year where you can’t get hold of cabbage on the Fethiye markets but it’s late Autumn / early winter where you see these on a regular basis…

Huge Cabbages At Çalış Market

Huge cabbages on Çalış market

I took this photo last winter at Çalış market. I like it because the red cabbages are next to the green ones – perfect for giving you an idea of just how big these green cabbages are! And I am not exaggerating; there are bigger ones around at the moment. This is a late season photo. Look at the price, too. 1.5 lira each. Bargain!

When we moved to Turkey, we were determined to make full use of the fruit and vegetable markets and learn to love some of the fruit and veg we didn’t really like when we were in Britain…including cabbage. Well, we’ve found loads of fantastic uses for cabbages (it appears you don’t just have to have it boiled to death and slopped on the side of your Sunday lunch) in Turkish cuisine so we actually buy these huge specimens on occasion. Well, we do try to hunt out the smaller ones as there are only two of us. Recipes coming soon and even if you don’t like cabbage, you’ll love these dishes!

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  1. Wow!!! Those sure are large cabbages…..I love those fruit and vegetable markets in Turkey. When I’m visiting my husbands family in Izmir or Istanbul I always go to them,I’m use to the vendors screaming . But beore I use to jump. Now when I come home to Canada it’s like a joke with the plastic fruit and veggies here.

  2. Same for us when we go back to England Erica. Everything neatly wrapped up in polystyrene trays and sealed bags. Horrible.

  3. Hah! One of the first things that stumped me when I came to live in Turkey were the giant, mutant cabbages. I remember my very first week in Ankara, standing in the supermarket, staring at them in disbelief.

    I wanted a small white cabbage with which to make some coleslaw, and the smallest one weighed at least 2 kilos..

    I’ve always wondered why they are so enormous –
    is it genetic, or are they on steroids?

    I think we should be told….

  4. I think these are fabulous – the leaves are big enough to substitute as lasagne sheets to make an amazing gluten-free lasagne. Recipe courtesy of ‘almost turkish recipes’.

    Loving the blog, guys – Thank you so much!

  5. Carolinefo – I have no idea how they get so big! Food info in Turkey is not really top of the agenda is it?

    Mambo – thanks for the lovely comment. We use ‘almost turkish’ a lot because we love the recipes on there. 🙂

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