Festive in Fethiye – Çalış Christmas Fair

We’ve been struggling to get into the festive spirit this year for some reason. Maybe it’s the very mild Fethiye weather – not sure – but ten out of ten to us for trying. We’ve posted a snowy mountain scene from when we went to Nif a couple of years back and we spotted a Christmas tree in Meis on Friday. (Even that didn’t look right as we walked around in T-shirts.) Today was supposed to cement into our psyche, that December festive Christmas feeling…

…Today was the Çalış Christmas Fair. Unfortunately, it was also the first day of torrential downpours we’ve had in a good long time. Typical. However, today is Sunday; the day many Turkish people choose to spend with their families and do fun things, whatever the weather. I have to confess to this being the first time we’ve ventured to the Christmas Fair and we were very surprised at how many people made the effort to go there with the rain being as heavy as it was.

Christmas Fair along Çalış Beach

A very wet Çalış Christmas Fair

Being Brits, we’re quite familiar with the ‘a bit of rain never did anybody any harm’ philosophy. We have no choice! But it was also interesting to see how many Turkish families were there – running stalls, strolling around, queueing to see Father Christmas – aka Santa Claus, St Nicholas or Noel Baba. Well, he was born in what is now Turkey! with their children. The rain really didn’t keep many people away. A few of the stalls had to up and leave because of the weather so there were empty tables when we arrived – but fortunately for us, the rest remained stoical and refused to be defeated…

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  1. Noel Baba sounds so cute! I too haven’t got into the Christmas spirit yet. Early days… 🙂

  2. Noel Baba’s a great name isn’t it? 🙂 Maybe the tv commercials and shops help to get you into the spirit if you live somewhere that celebrates Christmas. The weather’s a definite though. 🙂

  3. I would go out in the rain too. It’s just water. By the way, Noel Baba sounds like a great name. That name would get me in the Christmas spirit.

  4. Maybe we can change from ‘Father Christmas people’ to ‘Noel Baba people.’ It’s only right, really isn’t it?

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