Fethiye Festive Season – Photo Story

Snow on Nif Mountains Near Fethiye

A Turkish family enjoying a Sunday barbecue in the mountains around Kırkpınar

I love this photo and as we’ve just woken up to the second day of Advent and the UK and much of northern Europe is covered in snow, I’ve taken the opportunity to use it. I’m hoping it will help us to feel more wintery and festive in a still very mild Fethiye.

I took the photo when we were part of the Fethiye mass exodus to Nif one day, two years ago. Pleasant, sunny days are not the only barbecue days in this part of Turkey. Any day is a barbecue day; especially if that day is a Sunday. The weather is completely irrelevant. The day we went to Nif (one of my best days out ever!), people built snowmen, sledged down mountainsides, threw snowballs, got very cold, very wet and then ate köfte and drank tea, grilled and heated by their roadside barbecue.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that it’s December. We should be getting organised for the festive season. Christmas cards need to be posted to friends and family. We ought to be deciding what we’re doing for Christmas Day. What are we cooking? Who do we need to buy presents for? Hopefully, this snowy photo will work its magic and get the ball rolling…

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