Fethiye Festivities – Sundial Hotel

We’re getting there slowly; Christmas is creeping up on us really quickly and we’re starting to feel the festive spirit really slowly. Yesterday helped us along the way very nicely though. Murat, the owner of the Sundial Hotel in Fethiye decided to play Father Christmas and invite people for an afternoon of roasted chestnuts and jacket potatoes. How could we refuse?

Roast Chestnuts - Kestane

Roasted chestnuts served with cold Efes

Being that the weather in Fethiye is unseasonably mild at the moment (winter is supposed to be coming tomorrow – I can hear rumbles of thunder right now!), we sat outside in the late afternoon sunshine to eat our first helping of freshly roasted chestnuts. And in true Christmas, nostalgic, Nat King Cole style, they were roasted on an open fire.

As soon as the sun starts to go down, the temperature in Fethiye drops immediately so it was time to move inside and get cozy.

Open Fire At The Sundial Hotel, Fethiye

Jacket potatoes and chestnuts, roasting in the fire of the Sundial, Fethiye

The potatoes were served to us with garlic butter and cheese and the roasted chestnuts kept coming and coming and coming and…well, it was a free festive tea and a lovely, cozy afternoon in the Sundial.

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  1. None of the hotels in Altinkum ever do something like that. It would be nice though, and get the ex-pats out of all the bars! On another note, I too heard the weekend was going to get very cold. Button up the hatches!!

  2. I have a weakness for roasted chestnuts. Can’t say no to them especially when I’m travelling in Europe. I haven’t tried them with beer, usually it’s a glass of red wine 🙂

  3. The Sundial is more like a restaurant that happens to have a pool and some nice rooms. Really nice place, Natalie.

    Corinne, I’d never had a roasted chestnut till we came to Turkey. Lovely. We can buy them on the street here.

  4. Sounds like a very nice event. I love roast chestnuts. It will indeed be cold over the weekend.I think I need to plan my escape to warmer climes.

  5. It was a lovely event. Where are you planning to escape to Inka? Still mild here in Fethiye. I was expecting it to be much cooler after last night’s storm.

  6. Chesnuts for me also. Kind of goes with chilly snow laden streets so a hot toddy rather than cold beer springs to mind.

  7. Definitely the hot toddy later on, Jim but it was sunny and warm earlier on. 🙂

  8. Trish Woodgate says

    Hi everyone, I gave just booked for the new Sensatori Fethiye someone said it’s going to be in Koca Calis – any info please – thanks

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