Back To Fethiye – Home Sweet Home

You know you love your home when… Well, maybe you’ve said it yourself when you’ve been away for a while. ‘It’s been lovely but I’ll be glad to get home.’ We used to look at people like they’d lost the plot when they said that to us. Wherever we went that wasn’t home, we wanted it to last for as long as possible. It was boring going home. And we were talking about that today on the bus from Antalya.

In England, even if we’d just been to the Lake District for the weekend, we would drive home in silence; completely fed up that we were on our way home, back to real life. Now though, our real life and our home is Fethiye…and it’s great to be back.

Fethiye Winter Seagulls

Fethiye – Our Wonderful Home

Tomorrow isn’t supposed to be sunny but we really don’t mind. We’re going to walk up to Fethiye market and stock up on goodies from the stalls we always go to. I’ll see my seagulls – whatever the weather tomorrow, my seagulls will be there. We might have a fish half bread on Popeye’s Boat or gözleme at Fethiye market – and we’ll know where to go for them. Yes, we’ve had a lovely few days in Antalya, exploring the unfamiliar, taking photos of all sorts, getting lost in Kaleiçi, trying out different bars and eateries…but it’s also good to be back in Fethiye; back to what we know.

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  1. Welcome home! Beautiful photo – no wonder you love Fethiye so much.

  2. I love your blue and white photo! You are lucky to love the place that you call home, and enjoy your travels as well. Life is too short; we should try and enjoy as much of our daily life as possible, at home as well as away.

  3. @ Cathy: Thanks. It’s lovely to be back.

    @ Miss Footloose: That’s why we stayed in Fethiye. Life is too short. It’s great to go away just for a little break now rather than going away becuase we can’t wait to get away from the place. 🙂

  4. That photo makes me see why you like going home so much. I’m someone who likes to take longer vacations and doesn’t want to go back home. Mostly because it is so cold all year.

  5. @ Steve: It’s a nice feeling actually, to want to go home – after a while, that is. Always great to get away but now the going home bit is not so bad.

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