3rd Üzümlü Mushroom Festival 2011

The third Üzümlü Mushroom Festival took place over three days from 8th-10th April and it was eagerly awaited by us and our friends because we’d had such a good time last year. When we were at the 2010 Üzümlü Mushroom Festival, as the sun began to set, one of our friends discovered a home made wine stall and well, that was that.

Yesterday, we all trooped up to the village again – as did a few thousand others from Fethiye and surroundings – and it was another happy, fun day and night. This year’s festival was definitely bigger and better than last year’s (we can imagine it growing year on year) and we’ve got so much material for blog posts that we’re going to have to spread it over a few days. Üzümlü was on full display to all that attended so we had a good mooch around with my camera and I got as many photos as I could. This is a summary of a day and evening spent at the final day of the 3rd Üzümlü Mushroom Festival:

Turkish Breakfast in Üzümlü

Just a small part of the Turkish breakfast

This year’s day out was going to be different to last year’s. A couple of our friends now have babies so we were all going to meet for breakfast, enjoy the day in Üzümlü and then leave for Fethiye late afternoon / early evening. (No trekking around Cadianda, this time.) And that was how it all started. A long, lazy breakfast and then we continued up to the village.

Morel mushrooms (Kuzu Göbeği) & Oyster mushrooms

Morel mushrooms (Kuzu Göbeği) & Oyster mushrooms (Yaprak) were on display

Last year’s mushroom festival was really only a mushroom festival by name. A lack of rain over the winter had lead to a fungi drought and the sight of mushrooms was scarce. A completely different story this year and the famous morel mushroom was on full show and in abundance. They were selling for 50 lira per kilo. The yaprak mantar (oyster mushroom) was also on show.

Üzümlü Mushroom Festival

There’s more to the Üzümlü Mushroom Festival than mushrooms

I mentioned that Üzümlü was showing itself off this weekend. We walked around the village streets to escape the crowds, we dodged our way through the food area where, yes, mushrooms were the order of the day. There were other stalls selling handmade jewellery and pottery and local villagers were selling their traditional handmade tablecloths and clothing (more on this in another post). We ate kokoreç! Why we didn’t take the mushroom option, I have no idea.

Turkish Wine in Üzümlü

A 2.5 litre (Fanta) bottle of wine was selling for 20 lira

Last year, just a couple of villagers thought to set up stall and sell their home made wine to the festival goers. This year, the theme had caught on and there was a full row of wine stalls to choose from. One was even offering samples of cheese and olives as an accompaniment. And as the sun went down…

The Evening in Üzümlü

Üzümlü Mushroom Festival Evening Session – and not a mushroom in sight

…wine was purchased, plastic cups acquired and those who had intended leaving late afternoon (including us) decided they wanted to stay for the evening festivities! Friends with small babies left, lifts home were jiggled about so that all those who wanted to stay could do…and the live music started and the wine stalls brought in extra supplies…and we feel a bit ropey this morning.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun, disappointed I couldn’t attend but living vicariously through your blog!

  2. @ Anil: You should have come. It was good fun – and the wine was actually drinkable. well, we managed with it anyway! 🙂

  3. That sounds so fun. boyle bir sey yok Adana’da. Even when things like this do happen in Adana, it seems you don’t hear about it until afterwards. you guys do such a great job of getting out!

  4. Your food and pictures are always sunny and full of life. That says a lot about life in Turkey and its people.

  5. I didn’t realise that sleepy old Uzumlu could be so vibrant & exciting. I’ll try and time my flight to include a visit next year.


  6. It looks like a fun festival (though I’d stay away from the mushrooms since I don’t like them 🙂 ).
    Is that wine what they’re selling in those water bottles? lol

  7. So how was the kokorec?

  8. How fun!! I wish I could be there…I mean, a mushroom festival??

  9. I love mushrooms! And the older I get, fruits and veggies taste better and better!

  10. Mushroom festival?!?! Sounds awesome! and wine with plastic cups- love it!

  11. @ foreign perspective: Whoever thought of it, it was a great idea. We don’t like to miss an event! 🙂

    @ Nisrine: We’re lucky to get a lot of sunshine for taking the photos! 🙂

    @ Steve: Ha, well now you know. When it’s Mushroom Festival weekend, sleepy old Üzümlü rocks! 🙂

    @ Norbert: It most certainly is. No need for posh bottles in these parts.

    @ Anonymous: The kokoreç was the nicest we’ve ever tried actually. I wasn’t looking forward to a daytime one but it was lovely.

    @ Belinda: It’s a good excuse for a festival weekend. Maybe mushroom was the best one they could come up with. 🙂

    @ Jeremy: Same here. Maybe our taste buds change as we get older – luckily. I always hated veg and mushrooms as a kid.

    @ Jade: Seems to be surprising a few people this one. We like things a bit different in Turkey. 🙂

  12. Kuei-Ti Lu says

    Mushrooms were there, but it seems that they were the symbol instead of the real main characters, but I like the atmosphere of Mushroom Festival! Everything popped up just like mushrooms. I hope I can attend it someday.

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