2011 Çalış Carnival – Final Day in Pictures

Yesterday was the final day of Çalış Carnival 2011 so we spent most of the day with friends along Çalış Beach. We had no idea what was supposed to be happening in the daytime. All we knew was that Turkish band Dolapdere Big Gang were playing the carnival out later on in the evening and we were definitely going to be around to see that!

When we arrived at the beach, we soon realised that hundreds of people knew what we didn’t because Çalış was packed with onlookers waiting to watch the passing of the carnival parade and many of the bars and restaurants were decorated with multi-coloured balloons.

Motorised Paraglider in Çalış

Motorised paragliding – the in vogue mode of transport in Fethiye

If you’re getting a feeling of deja vu here, this is not the same motorised paraglider photo you have seen before. They seem to be a bit of a Fethiye fashion at the moment and appear in our skies whenever there is an event taking place.

We’ve watched paramotors plying the route along Belcekiz Beach in Ölüdeniz during the Acroludeniz Paragliding Championships. We’ve watched them glide along the coast between Fethiye and Çalış to commemorate Atatürk, Youth and Sport Day. And yesterday, we watched the guy in the photo above going back and forth along the length of Çalış Beach, trailing his weighted Çalış Carnival banner behind him. Do they get bored, I wonder?

AKUT Helicopter At Çalış Carnival

The new AKUT helicopter?

After the motorised paragliding came the helicopter display. What is it about helicopters that command your attention and force you to take notice of them? This one was a huge, noisy piece of machinery that appeared from over the mountains and swooped down to land on the far end of Çalış Beach so that admirers could get a closer inspection. Unfortunately, we were too far away but we got to see it in flight.

The helicopter was displaying an AKUT flag at its base so maybe this is a new addition to the AKUT resources. (AKUT are the Turkish search and rescue organisation. They carry out mountain rescue in Turkey and have worked all over the world, assisting with the aftermath of earthquakes and other natural disasters. You can get more information about them via the AKUT website.)

May 2011 Çalış Carnival Parade

May 2011 Çalış Carnival Parade

Next, it was time for the actual Çalış Carnival parade. A marching band lead school children, local business representatives in fancy-dress and traditional attire, Çalış Children’s Charity, AKUT – and many others who no doubt passed by without me noticing – along the length of the promenade while we clapped and cheered them on. The whole procession lasted around 15 minutes…

Çalış Boat Display At The Carnival

The Çalış Boat parade

…and then it was the turn of a few of the boats from the Çalış Boat Cooperative to do a sail-by, honking their horns, playing music and strutting their stuff with on-the-water versions of handbrake turns.

Eventually, the sun started to go down and, after a mad dash to meet some more friends who had just arrived in Turkey, and a quick pide, we headed over to watch what we had been waiting for – Dolapdere Big Gang.

Dolapdere Big Gang At Çalış Carnival

Dolapdere Big Gang playing out the Çalış Festival

It appeared there was at least one band member missing but the guys on stage did a fantastic job and we weren’t disappointed. We bopped the night away, sang along with all the classics – including this one…(if this looks wrong in an email or feedreader then view it here)

…and then went for a couple of Welcome-to-Turkey Efes Pilsens with our newly arrived friends before heading off home and to bed for some much needed sleep.

Update 31/05/11 – Many thanks to the singer for retweeting this blogpost on Twitter! Here it is:

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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you for bringing Dolapder Big Gang to me thay are awesome 🙂

  2. Is that you up there?? =) What a lovely way to spent the weekend!

  3. @ Anonymous: Glad you like them. They’re really good fun aren’t they?

    @ Belinda: You won’t be catching me in one of those things! I don’t do adventure. 🙂

  4. Nice collages, they give a good perspective of the event. Good to see that gentleman shaved his armpits!

  5. @ Corinne: Thanks. Ohhh, I hadn’t noticed the armpits photo. How strange. 🙂

  6. That looks like a fantastic day! I love your compilation photos too. Tres chic!

  7. @ The Dropout: Yes, we’re tres chic kind of people! 🙂 It was a great day. Always nice to attend these events.

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