Day Trip From Fethiye To Rhodes

In our previous post, we bade farewell to Meis for a while and said we hope to still go there again in the future on a day trip or overnight stay. Yesterday was very possibly our last visa trip for the foreseeable future so we decided to return to the Greek island of Rhodes; an island we haven’t been to in over three years.

Getting across to Rhodes from Fethiye is very simple since there is a catamaran that leaves from Fethiye harbour (opposite the police station on the Karagözler). In high season, the aim is that this is a daily service but if you’ve read our post about the last time we tried to book a day trip to Rhodes from Fethiye, you’ll know that it never quite works like that. At the moment, the Aegean Queen catamaran is leaving three times a week.

Fethiye To Rhodes Catamaran

The Fethiye to Rhodes catamaran in the harbour

We’ve been itching to try out the Aegean Queen ever since she appeared in Fethiye harbour last year. As someone who isn’t keen on choppy waters, she looks a lot more sturdy than the Flying Poseidon hydrofoil which used to make the crossing to Rhodes from Fethiye.

Catamaran Between Greece And Turkey

The catamaran is spacious inside

The interior is as you’d expect; not too much different than the Flying Poseidon except of course, the Aegean Queen is much wider with seats arranged in rows of 3, 4, 4, 3. There’s also a shop selling hot and cold drinks and snacks. We would have liked to have gone upstairs to sit in the upper salon but this was closed off yesterday.

Catamaran And Cruise Ship In Rhodes

Sharing the space with a huge cruise ship in Rhodes harbour

Sometimes, there is a benefit to the heavy, humid weather that Fethiye is experiencing at the moment – no breeze equals no waves. We had a flat crossing and were in a bright and sunny Rhodes 1 hour and 50 minutes after leaving Fethiye. The trip is advertised as a 90 minute crossing which isn’t a fib – you just have to give them a bit of leeway and add a few minutes extra for manoeuvring in and out the ports and anchoring.

Marmaris To Rhodes Catamaran

A daily catamaran also sails from Marmaris

Other visitors to Rhodes from Turkey had already arrived on the Marmaris Express. If you’re in this area of Turkey, the crossing from Marmaris is only 45 minutes. We’ve been to Rhodes on the Marmaris Express in the past and it’s very similar to the Aegean Queen.

Bodrum Rhodes Day Trip

There is also a sailing to Rhodes from Bodrum

We were also surprised to see this hydrofoil anchored in front of our catamaran. Resembling the Flying Poseidon, this vessel had made the journey from Bodrum. Visitors to Bodrum usually make a short journey and hop over to the Greek island of Kos. It appears Rhodes is also an option but I’d guess crossing time is well over 2 hours.

We’ve got a few posts lined up about Rhodes that we’ll sprinkle into the blog over the coming weeks – it’s a Greek island that’s a shock to the system when your mindset has become accustomed to laid back Meis.

Day Trip From Fethiye To Rhodes: Useful Information

  • We booked our trip from Fethiye to Rhodes with Yeşil Dalyan, owners of the Aegean Queen. Their office is on the main road on the Karagözler,opposite Fethiye marina. Other travel agents offer the trip via Yeşil Dalyan but you may be charged a small commission fee for the booking.
  • At the time of writing, a same-day return costs 60 Euros per person. If you are making the trip to renew your visa, make sure you know which days the Aegean Queen is running so you don’t overstay your visa. (As you may already know, visa rules have changed. Check with your embassy for rules which apply to your nationality.)
  • If you’re off to do a bit of Greek island hopping, a one way journey will set you back 50 Euros.
  • When booking any of these trips, you need to book at least one day in advance and take your passport with you to make the booking. The travel agent will take a photocopy of your passport and the photocopy will then be forwarded to the passport police. You will then be registered on the trip.
  • Don’t forget your passport on the day of your trip or else you won’t be going anywhere! Your passport will be stamped on exit and re-entry to Turkey. British tourist visas for Turkey are multiple-entry so providing you won’t be exceeding your 90 days out of 180 for the remainder of your stay, you won’t need another visa on arrival.
  • Weather permitting, the catamaran leaves Fethiye at 9am and arrives in Rhodes at around 10:30 – 10:45. It leaves Rhodes at 16:30.
  • All visiting passenger vessels from Turkey dock in Mandraki Harbour, directly opposite Rhodes Old Town.

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  1. I’ll come island hopping with you!! That is some boat!

  2. @ Belinda: We’d love to do some island hopping. I think we’d have to take our tent though as the accommodation is a bit pricey on the islands these days. 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to your other posts on Rhodes now!! You seem to lead a great life down there in Fethiye, Julia! Good for you!

  4. @ Claudia: Ha ha, thanks. We try our best. Life’s too short to be sitting around being miserable all day. 🙂

  5. In May 2015 can we come from Rhodes to Fethiye and back to Rhodes in the same day?
    Are there organized tours for a couple of hours in Fethiye?
    Can we buy our Visa on the ferry or must we get this in advance of departing Canada?

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