Beer Sipping in Rhodes Old Town – Cafe Bar Consolato

As we posted about the joy that is an icy cold glass of Efes Pilsen yesterday, and as it’s the weekend, we thought we’d continue with the beer theme today. Unfortunately, Turkey is not renowned for its vast choice of beers and much as we enjoy a bottle of Efes (we drink from the bottle in summer because it stays colder for longer), we do get excited when we visit other countries just to sample some different flavours and remind ourselves of the old ones we know and love.

We’ve mentioned in the past that we always find a little haven wherever we go. Baraka Bar in Istanbul, Filika Bar in Antalya, Olive Garden on the Greek island of Meis, to name a few. Today’s post is an ode to our little haven in Rhodes Old Town.

Cafe Bar Consolato

We hadn’t been to Rhodes for four years before we went a few weeks ago and the first thing we did on arrival was check the bar was still there. It was. Lunch, shopping, a wander around, and then the last couple of hours could be spent sipping beers.

Cafe Bar Consolato, Rhodes Old Town

A good choice of tipples at Cafe Bar Consolato

Walking from Mandraki Harbour, Cafe Bar Consolato is set just back from the second entrance gate to the Old Town in Rhodes. It’s only small; tucked into a corner on a slope and easy to miss.

However, it made us stop in our tracks 4 years ago because they had a menu outside that advertised international beers, some of which we used to enjoy in the UK. We were really pleased to find the bar is still there and to find that it still has a varied beer menu.

Cafe Bar Consolato, Rhodes

We sampled a few of the beers from the menu

Yes, we might fall for the gimmicks but we just love it when you get a beer served in a matching glass.

First round was a Belgian Duvel for Barry and a Czech Pilsner Urquell for me. These are both beers we used to enjoy in the UK so it was great to taste the crisp flavours again.

Next, I went for an Italian Peroni. Again, a beer I used to drink when we lived in England. Barry went for a weissbier – something he used to drink in England and something I just cannot get with. No amount of practise will convince me otherwise.

Cafe Bar Consolato Interior

The inviting interior of Cafe Bar Consolato

We have been to Rhodes Old Town out of season but we didn’t know about Cafe Bar Consolato at that time. It’s a shame because I quite like the idea of sitting in this little room over winter, browsing the beer menu and slowly working our way through a fine selection of beverages.

And if you’re wondering where the Greek beers are in this post, they weren’t neglected on the day. We did have a much-looked-forward-to Mythos beer with lunch before we arrived at Cafe Bar Consolato.

and if you’re not a beer drinker and you want to keep things traditional, a refreshing Greek frappe is a perfect choice.

I should point out that there are more Turkish beers than the standard Efes we always refer to (Perge is a lovely Turkish beer for example). There are also a few imported beers served in the Fethiye region such as Miller and Becks. We just happen to much prefer Efes Pilsen over any of those imports though.

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  1. the sight of the bottle of Leffe (Belgium Monk Beer) got the taste buds going!!

  2. @ Alan: Barry debated between the Paulaner and the Leffe. Lots of people like Leffe – except me. 🙂

  3. I love Beer!! German Krombacher has to be my favourite 🙂

  4. @ Rob: We all love beer! 🙂 My favourite is Vedet – the sister version of Duvel and not quite as strong.

  5. John Bennett says

    Still there. We called in there almost every day last week when on holiday there. They also have the Fix beers now – the Fix Dark is particularly good.

    • Thanks a lot for that update John. We’re well overdue another Rhodes trip. Never heard of Fix (we’re living sheltered beer-variety lives these days) but will definitely try it when we go there. 🙂

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