Seasonal Food In Turkey – Kayaköy Pomegranate Trees

We saw something beautiful the other day. However long we live in Turkey, we’re becoming more and more certain there is always going to be something to surprise us; a process of nature we have never seen (or noticed?), right on our doorstep.

Those of you who read this blog often may know we’ve had friends over to visit for the last couple of weeks. They left last night and so today has been a day of trying to get organised and ease ourselves back into normal, daily life in Fethiye. For me, a part of that has been arranging and labelling photos taken over the last fortnight and I came across these photos I took while we were walking through Kayaköy.

Pomegranate Tree, Turkey

The pomegranate tree first of all develops crimson blooms

Our friends like to do the hike from Fethiye to Kayaköy – like us – so last week, despite the increasing heat levels, we set off up the forest road behind Fethiye boat yard. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve done this trek but it’s different every time we do it. It’s fantastic exercise, especially in the June sunshine, and full of surprises.

We did a post a few weeks ago where I was very bold and stated that now was the best time to be in Kayaköy. It was the beginning of May and the spring wildflowers were displaying their colourful Sunday best. I think maybe that statement was a little hasty so I’d like to take that back now because Kayaköy changes constantly through the seasons and when we were there the other day, we noticed these fabulous crimson flowers on the trees lining the roadsides.

Pomegranate Tree Fruit

After pollination, the blooms reduce and berries sprout

The petals on some of the blooms had reduced and large berries of a burnt-orange colour were beginning to sprout in small clumps. We couldn’t think what they might be at first and wondered why we had never noticed them in the past because the brightly coloured flowers and berries are certainly the dominant colour of the scenery in the area at the moment.

Well, maybe we have never walked along the roads, through the villages of Belen (the small village you reach before Kayaköy on the trek from Fethiye) and Kayaköy at this time of year.

Pomegranate Tree Blossom

Eventually, the flowers reveal themselves to be juicy pomegranates

Closer inspection revealed more mature berries and then the penny dropped. These are still very young berries because these beautiful baby fruits will continue to grow and mature over the next few months, through to autumn and into early winter. Eventually , they will ripen into one of my favourite seasonal fruits in Fethiye. We were looking at pomegranate trees.

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  1. Those flowers are stunning – the colors are awesome!

  2. @ Belinda: They’ll be even more awesome once they’re all grown up into great big pomegranates. 🙂

  3. Awww…. they remind me of my childhood home. We had a few plants in our garden and there were always tons of fruit on them and the branches are always sagging from it. Nostalgia 😀

  4. Reminds me of the one in our yard in Uzbekistan. Our kids loved eating them when the time came, a wonderfully messy and tasty fruit. I have not seen them in Turkey. Great photos.

  5. @ ping: Awww, strange how fruit trees should be nostalgic isn’t it? Why don’t we all make the effort to grow more?!:)

    @ DAD: Thank you. Wow, they’re everywhere in this part of Turkey. We’re eagerly awaiting the season. Sour pomegranate syrup is the big thing here. Mainly used as a salad dressing.

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