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Gemiler Bay: A Contrast Of Seasons

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We mention quite a lot on this blog that we rather enjoy our winters in Turkey. In Fethiye, life slows right down to a pace much more agreeable to our systems.

The bays and coves around the area become deserted. Perfect picnic spots for tired legs after a long trek.

Last winter, we did a few posts about different beaches we visited over the winter months.

We included some photos of a beautiful, crisp January day along Belcekiz Beach in the resort of Ölüdeniz and we also visited our favourite bay in the Fethiye area; Gemiler Bay.

Crystal blue sea, one barman, one other customer besides us; it felt like the bay was ours for as long as we wanted it to be.

Gemiler Bay, Fethiye
A more crowded Gemiler Bay

Contrast those winter photos with these summer scenes I took last week.

If you’re a beachy person and have been to many of the world’s crowded beaches you’ll be forgiven thinking that Gemiler bay doesn’t look too busy.

It wasn’t. But for Gemiler standards, it was packed.


Gemiler has been discovered by picnicking Turkish families. Large families huddled between the forest trees, barbecuing, brewing çay (Turkish tea) on the barbecue grills, sharing seasonal fruits around, kids charging through the forests and careering into the sea.

This isn’t a moan. I could spend a full day people watching and it will always fascinate me how Turks manage a picnic day.

If there was a Picnicking World Championship competition, I’m pretty sure Turkey would win easily.

Gemiler Bay Watersports
Summer watersports at Gemiler Bay

But, with people come money-making opportunities. How do people make money in a bay with beautiful mountain scenery and calm waters?

With petrol-filled jet skis and speedboats and whatever contraptions can be tied to the back of a speedboat that will hurtle people across the water at ridiculous speeds, of course.

No, I’m not a fan of watersports. Can you tell?

But, if that’s your bag, then you might want to get yourself off to Gemiler Bay because there’s a fair bit going on to keep you entertained.

So whilst we all had a great day together at Gemiler Bay last week, we’re both now looking forward to a little trek through Kayaköy and down to the serenity of the bay.

Perhaps in November or December…

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Turkey's For Life

Monday 1st of August 2011

@ Corinne: We're not sunbathers and we ALWAYS need shade to protect that icy cold beer. :)

Corinne @ Gourmantic

Monday 1st of August 2011

I'd love to be there right now working a suntan. No shade for me, not even to protect an icy cold beer!!

Turkey's For Life

Friday 29th of July 2011

@ PP: We had a lovely day. We just sat between the trees, in the shade and had a couple of swims to cool off.


Friday 29th of July 2011

will be visiting this beach in a couple of weeks, can't wait!!!

Turkey's For Life

Sunday 24th of July 2011

@ Natalie: Not so much sardine-like round here...but we just can't get with the attraction of sitting round a beach all day. I go doolally! :)

@ Lynne: It's a pay-on-entry beach and well looked after, as are a lot of the beaches round this area. The littering problem is getting much better round here with belediye organised volunteer clear-ups and the message is getting through slowly. It's a problem for us all. We've come very close today to confronting a couple of British teenagers for 'trashing the place' - fortunately, a Turkish guy came to sort it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.