The All-Seeing Eye On Rhodes

Today’s post is a photo that I’ve been meaning to add to the blog for a while and I’ve just rediscovered it buried in my laptop folders. Quite often, whenever we visit somewhere new, it’s not the tourist sites or the famous monuments that stick in our minds months after our return.

No, it’s the little things that we notice suddenly, as if they pop up from nowhere. The little things that make you smile and reach for your camera. The little things that are easily missed. Earlier this year, we loved keeping an eye out for all the Downtown Antalya street sculptures; boring, noisy, soulless dual carriageways were all of a sudden full of interest.

Tree Painting in Rhodes

Rhodes Old Town – The Trees Have Eyes

A few weeks ago, while we were wandering around Rhodes Old Town (aimless wandering was impossible due to the astronomical number of tourists in the area) we headed around the outer-walls of the Palace of the Knights. Just to the rear on a relatively quieter walkway, there were rows of street artists sketching portraits of passing families.

I was photographing the battlements, palm trees and stones that made up the huge palace walls when Barry noticed this. An ancient tree grows between two layers of the walls and someone has painted this eye onto it. It watches constantly as tourists stroll around the fortress. Whilst the all-seeing eye looks like a recent addition, I wonder how old this tree is and how many battles for this strategically placed island it has seen waged over the centuries.

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  1. Quite eye-catching — forgive me. It really is a very cool find. Always interesting what you might come across off of the touristy streets. Nice shot!

  2. @ Cathy: Ha ha, okay, we’ll forgive you. It was quite funny! 😉 Love all the little things you come across when exploring. 🙂

  3. Looks like an actual face as well with the shaping of the tree stump.

  4. Ha ha~~ The Evil Eye? “Eye”con of Turkey?
    But isn’t Rhodes a Greek island?
    Anyway, “Eye” like this shot.

  5. @ Natalie: Very observant of you. 😉

    @ London Caller: Greek use the eye, too, as well as Turkey. We were wondering if it was an artistic version of the famous evil eye. 🙂

  6. I picked up your blog post in Thursday when I was in Rhodes myself!! We were staying a few minutes walk away from that tree and now we have matching photos … what a coincidence!!

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