4 Photographs Of Fethiye In January

Whichever day of the week it may be, it’s impossible these days to walk along Fethiye harbour without seeing a long row of fishing rods wedged into the concrete edging. This January photo was taken recently as we walked past Boğaziçi Restaurant towards home.

Fethiye Harbour Sunset

Fethiye Harbour Sunset

One of the fishermen was packing up for the day and had propped one of his fishing rods against the lamp. Some views just look right to me..and this was one of them. I managed to take a photo just before the guy appeared on the edge of the shot.

Fethiye Marina Gülets

Fethiye Marina Gülets

And this photo was taken in 2010 – but it was taken in January and it’s a typical January scene along Fethiye marina. On a sunny day, winter is perfect because you can see the mountains; snow resting on the peaks. The air is clear (once the smoke from the wood burners has dispersed) the sea calm and the sky a vibrant blue.

We’ve never been on a gület cruise – hopefully we can rectify that one day (update 2015 – we finally made it on to a Turkish gulet cruise) – but if there is one thing that symbolises Southwest Turkey and the Turquoise coast, and one thing that contributed to us falling in love with Fethiye as soon as we arrived in 1998, it’s the sight of these beautiful, wooden vessels.

Fethiye From Koca Çalış

Looking towards Fethiye and Çalış from Koca Çalış Beach

This is a photo from January 4th when we went for a stroll along the sea, through Çalış and further along to Koca Çalış. There was a fair amount of heat to the sun and we saw that Mutlu Restaurant1 had a couple of plastic tables out on the beach. Well, we would have been silly not to make the most of the beautiful weather so we sat down to enjoy an Efes Pilsen in the winter afternoon sun.

In the summer months, these steel poles will morph into some kind of awning and will provide welcome respite from the hot sun for diners, drinkers and bathers. The beach will be a patchwork of sun loungers and umbrellas.

But these winter scenes are our favourite scenes. A deserted beach with a feeling of abandonment on the one hand and expectancy on the other. Abandonment because these rusting steel frames are all that is left behind once the summer visitors have left. Expectancy because, in a few short months, the wait for these steel frames will be over and they will once again serve a purpose when the summer visitors return and descend on the beach at Koca Çalış.

Heavy Skies Over Fethiye

Heavy skies over Fethiye

I took this January photo yesterday morning after restless sleep caused by storms, reminiscent of the Fethiye storms that caused the damage in Çalış last year. Throughout Wednesday night, continuous, angry rumbles of thunder were only interrupted by huge booms of thunder directly above us and high winds and rain battered the house.

This is the calm after the storm. It’s quite common for tankers and cargo ships to come into Fethiye bay and, while they’re considered an eyesore by some, I think there’s a certain beauty and serenity about them as they rest on the dead-calm, morning waters of the bay. Yesterday morning, a couple of tankers were in Fethiye bay, presumably to shelter from the rough, Mediterranean seas. This was one of them. It had been here for three days.

Today is sunny and clear and the vessels are now gone. Hopefully, we’ll now get some respite from the stormy weather of this last week so those affected can begin their clean-up and repair any damage caused. Here’s to a sunny weekend in Fethiye!

1 Update 2015 – Mutlu Restaurant is now Zentara Beach & Kitchen

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  1. Nice photo to kick it off!

  2. i am looking forward to this!!!

  3. Great photo to start your series. It will be fun to see how Fethiye changes through the year

  4. @ Belinda: Thanks. We love it along the harbour.

    @ Jaz: Hope it doesn’t disappoint then. 🙂

    @ Jenny: Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep up with it. 🙂

  5. A very relaxing view to start off the year with. Looking foward to seeing more.

    All the best to you for 2012!!!

  6. @ Andrew Graeme Gould: We need that relaxing start to the new year. We’re shattered. 🙂

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