Turkish Şakşuka – Not What you Might Expect

Taking our friends to sample some amazing kuşbaşılı pide and enjoying some meze plates on the side. We’re going foodie again, and we’re going to enjoy a serving of freshly made Turkish  şakşuka meze. Doesn’t it just look so tempting?

Yet another example of the Turkish love of the aubergine, Turkish şakşuka is another meze we could have added to our list for yesterday’s post about our five favourite Turkish meze dishes. Actually, choosing five was a very difficult task and we could have added many more.

Turkish Şakşuka

Freshly made şakşuka is light and tasty

We’re using the term ‘Turkish şakşuka’ because in the Middle East, şakşuka (shakshouka) more resembles an unscrambled menemen. The eggs are left to poach in the pan rather than being stirred into the mix.

By the time we reach the Turkish border, şakşuka becomes a meze of chopped aubergine, tomatoes and potatoes.

But şakşuka only works when it’s been made well and when it’s still fresh!

Our first few experiences of şakşuka left us thinking, “Hmm, it’s okay but it’s definitely not a favourite.” Claggy tomato sauce almost solidifying the mixture of aubergine and potato. I

It made sense that the ingredients should go perfectly together to make a tasty meze, but it just never seemed to work. If you’ve seen it ready-made in the deli sections of the supermarkets in Turkey, you’ll know what we mean.

Fortunately, since then, we’ve had the pleasure of eating şakşuka meze dishes like the one above. Freshly made (this one was even still a bit warm) so the tomatoes, olive oil and juices become a dressing rather than a coating for the cubes of fried potato and aubergine.

A dressing that, once you’ve scooped up all the vegetables, can be mopped up with crusty, Turkish bread! This is a good Turkish şakşuka!

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  1. Duygu Uygun says

    I adora Şakşuka as a Turkish girl and glad you liked it. And i suggest you to eat Şakşuka with Turkish Rakı and other meze dishes. Şakşuka is Me and my husband’s indispensible meze with Rakı.

  2. @ Duygu Uygun: Thanks for your comment. Ha ha, we’ve written about rakı and meze in the past – we keep trying but we find the rakı very strong. 😉 Yes, we do love şakşuka, though – maybe with an Efes instead. 🙂

  3. Duygu Uygun says

    Hahah.. Yes rakı is a very strong drink and i couln’t drink it since 2 years. Now i get used to it, i’m glad for that and you must drink it with your friends, meze dishes and türk sanat müziği of course :)) You have a beautiful site here i’m glad that you love our cultural stuff 🙂 here is my blog if you want to look out 😉

  4. @ Duygu Uygun: Just had a look. Wow. You’re more arty than we are! 🙂

  5. Duygu Uygun says

    thank you, i’m just crafty 🙂

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