Çalış Beach Volleyball Tournament – It’s All Happening, Here

When we first moved to Fethiye, it was a small but growing town with not a lot going on. Well, how that has changed. This year, as part of the Youth & Sports Bayram, we had a one-off, live concert by Turkish popstars Tan and Hadise and the fantastic Hande Yener recently performed at Aksazlar Koyu. Fethiye is definitely gaining a place on the Turkish music map – at long last.

But it’s the sports events that are proving to be the crowd pullers when tempting people to Fethiye. Annually, there’s the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey which sees road cycling teams from all over the world competing through the mountain roads of western Turkey. Fethiye is one of the stages. Then there’s the motocross tournaments – last year, Fethiye hosted one of the legs of the World Enduro Championships. And now, what’s next?

Beach Volleyball In Çalış

Building the Çalış Beach volleyball courts

Turkey Cup Beach Volleyball Tournament

Yes, yet another national sporting event is going to be hosted in Fethiye; well, near Çalış Beach to be more precise. And in true sporting stadium fashion, it’s looking like a race against time to get the facilities ready in time for the opening ceremony. But we’re used to this in Turkey. These photos were taken a few days ago and we have every confidence that all will be ready in time for the Turkey Cup Beach Volleyball Tournament.

Beach Volleyball In Çalış

Laying the courts

We’re really pleased this event is going to be taking place. For one, it’s going to attract more visitors to the area and raise general awareness of Fethiye and Çalış Beach. But, at a more local level, this area was previously disused land and looked a bit messy as you walked by. Now, we’re going to have beach volleyball courts that we’ve been told are being built to international standards. And the third reason is, well, we just love our Fethiye events!

Beach Volleyball Competition, Çalış Beach

Yet another event for Fethiye

As you can see from the banner at the entrance to Çalış Beach, the Turkey Cup Beach Volleyball Tournament (Plaj Voleybolu Türkiye Kupası Turnavası) will take place on 24th, 25th, and 26th August. There’s going to be lots of other entertainment going on as well as part of the tournament – DJs, dancers and the like – so if you’re around the area during these three days, we’re sure the teams would love a bit of your support. We’re definitely going to be there. Bring on the beach volleyball!

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  1. Just in time for us arriving:)
    What with the new front and Fethyie and now this, we’re in for a treat next week.
    Anne x

  2. @ Craftyanny: Always something going on in Fethiye, isn’t there? 🙂 Have a great holiday when you arrive.

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