Fethiye Photo: Kayaköy November Harvest

Wow, it really doesn’t seem so long since January when we posted our first Fethiye Friday photo and announced we would do this every Friday. At the time, the whole of 2012 was ahead of us and, as far as the blog was concerned, it felt like quite a commitment we were taking on…and here we are, already in November, the twilight of 2012.

But let’s not write 2012 off just yet. All sorts to look forward to before the year is out and, for us, this is our blissful post-summer chill out time – our autumnal nirvana. November is that good for us. We’re loving it! The weather in Fethiye is perfect and lends itself perfectly to trekking and enjoying a leisurely Turkish breakfast in Kayaköy. Two years ago this month, we were in Kayaköy, with our friends, indulging in that very breakfast. So much did we eat that a lazy Sunday stroll was necessary.

Kayaköy Harvest

Harvest Time In Kayaköy

Yes, this photo has seen the light of day before now, but never as a dedicated Fethiye photo. It’s one of our favourites and sums up November perfectly for us. Unless we’re taking friends there, Kayaköy is neglected by us in summer. This is our Kayaköy time; right now. We’ll be walking from Fethiye to Kayaköy next week and will be hoping for scenes similar to this.

This is the end of summer and the people in this field are busy harvesting – they’re harvesting their final barbunya crop of the season. Barbunya is the late summer bean pod (borlotti bean) that is used to make the classic Turkish olive oil dish, and one of our favourites, Barbunya Pilaki. Not long left then before there will be no more barbunya beans for sale on Fethiye market. That’s the pleasure of seasonal food. We savour it while it’s here and when it’s gone, something else comes along to take its place. Pomegranates and plums, cabbage and broccoli at the moment. Citrus fruits to follow.

And, as for Kayaköy, well it’s been a while. We’ve not been there (together) since the end of March. Looks as though we enjoy the shoulder months, then…

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  1. Love the photograph. It really does capture the season.

  2. @ April Ozbilgin: I love this photo April because of that. Kayaköy is lovely. 🙂

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