Introducing Our Fethiye & Turkey Events Calendar

How many times have you been to Fethiye and returned home, only to find out you were in town for a significant event but missed it because you knew nothing about it? We live here, as do many other expats, and even we manage to miss so much.

Let us give you an example: On Saturday, we went to Fethiye Şehir Stadium to take part in the Fethiye Spor 80th anniversary celebrations. It was a big online campaign by the guys at Fethiyespor1933 and we got behind it, publicising the game to just about any online outlet we could think of. We wrote a post about the upcoming Fethiyespor match and of course, we just had to tell everyone about our first experience of football in Turkey once the event had taken place. And what happened after that post? We got people saying to us, “Oh, I wish we knew about that. We would have gone. Looks like you had a great time. What a shame.”

Introducing our Fethiye & Turkey Events Calendar

Fethiye & Turkey Events Calendar

If you look down the sidebar, you should be able to see a widget that looks like this photo. This widget is your entrance to our Fethiye & Turkey Calendar. Just click on it and it takes you straight to the page.

A lot of the time, we don’t know about events taking place in Fethiye – or we do know and then completely forget about them, only remembering when it’s too late. For this reason, we decided to get organised by keeping a private online calendar…and then we decided other people might want to know about similar things that we are interested in. Time to share our calendar, then…

What you’ll find on our calendar:

Sunrise & sunset times: If you want to go for an evening meal at the Sundial or King’s Garden, for example, it’s good to know what time the sunset is so you can time your meal perfectly – and get those all important photos to bore impress your friends with later. Also, if you’re going trekking or for a day out further afield, it’s always good to know how many hours of daylight you have to play with. Bear in mind that these times are approximate and will vary slightly depending on whereabouts in the Fethiye area you actually are.

Local market days: Supporting local Fethiye markets is something we have always been passionate about, and we’ve marked them on our calendar so you can do your food shopping there or combine a day out with a wander around the local pazar.

Fethiyespor fixtures: Well, so many people say to us that they would like to go along to watch them but they never know when they’re playing. Well, if you live in the Fethiye area or you come here on holiday early and late season, you can go along to the stadium and catch a game whenever Fethiyespor play at home. A cheap afternoon out and always good to know you’re doing your bit for Fethiye.

Any upcoming Fethiye events we spot and want to make a note of: For example, we’ve got the reopening of Mozaik Bahçe and Sundial this week and next, and the Üzümlü Mushroom Festival is on there, too – well, we can’t miss that! Keep an eye out for more additions throughout the year.

Significant Turkey events we come across: At the moment, Istanbul’s famous Tulip Festival is on the calendar (throughout the month of April) and the Edirne oil wrestling championships are on there, too. Again, if we see any other significant events that might be of interest, we’ll add those as we come across them.

All national and religious days, holidays and festivals: Obviously, this includes Ramazan, too.

Viewing Our Fethiye & Turkey Calendar

Month View:
Fethiye & Turkey Events By Month
We’ve got the calendar set so that when you click into the page, it automatically opens in Month View. The yellow square marks the current day and ongoing events are marked with a long, unbroken strip. On this photo, you can see this across the bottom for the Istanbul Tulip Festival. Use the arrows on the top left to flip between months.

Week View:
Fethiye & Turkey Events By Week
Click Week View at the top right of the calendar to get a more short term focus. This view is sometimes useful for us and we thought it would be good for people who are in Fethiye on holiday for a short time – you can see what’s going on at a glance. You can flick between weeks using the two arrows at the top left and the column highlighted in pink is obviously the current day.
Agenda strips out all grids and symbols and just gives you a simple, straightforward list of of what’s happening in the coming days, complete with times. For example, you can see that Mozaik Bahçe is opening at 12 o’clock (ish) on Thursday. Anything that runs throughout the day with no fixed definite times (the markets in this case) are at the top of each day.
Getting More Information From The Calendar

So you’ve seen something that interests you. Let’s say you like the idea of going to Çiftlik Thursday Market while you’re in Fethiye but you have no idea where it is. Very simple. In any of the views, just click on ‘Çiftlik Thursday Market’ on the calendar, a description box will pop up with a sentence or two about the market and you’ll also be given the option to click on the map. We’ve been as accurate as we possibly can in pinpointing locations on maps, but sometimes Google is slightly out! Once you are in the Google map, you can zoom in and out as usual to get your bearings and rough distances.

Getting Less Information From The Calendar
And, if the calendar looks a little bit crowded with events that don’t float your boat, then you can also de-clutter the main calendar too. Not bothered about football? Lose the Fethiyespor fixtures. Too hot to be wandering around markets? You can remove those too…

Just click the little down arrow at the top right next to “Agenda” and remove the calendars event types you least want to see…

Fethiye & Turkey Events Calendar

Voila! Your calendar should now be filled only with the events you are most interested in…

This is a work in progress and we’ll be adding events as and when we know about them. We hope you find it as useful as we do. Either click on the calendar widget in the sidebar or click this link now to browse our Fethiye & Turkey calendar.


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  1. A great service, does the local tourist office have a link to this?

  2. @ BacktoBodrum: Ha ha, doubt it, though they’re welcome to use it. Thanks. 🙂

  3. is there a way to subscribe to the calendar? And incase you are interested, animal aid are doing their easter fair in calis on saturday.

  4. A great idea.

  5. @ Jack Scott: We’ll credit Barry with that one. He was sorting our own calendar and then the brainstorming started. 🙂

    @ Mary Y: If you have your own Google Calendar – it’s easy to set up with a Google account – you can just click on any of the events we’ve added and it’ll say, ‘add to my calendar.’ You click that and then you can save it to your own calendar and edit it as you wish. 🙂

    As for subscribing to the whole thing, here are the instructions from Google Help:

    Thanks for the Animal Aid info. Do you know the times and where? Happy to add it while it’s a bigger event. 🙂

  6. Stephen Paul Shakesheff says

    Excellent idea and hope I don’t sound critical by suggesting something further but moonrise and moonset plus the moon phases would be good too, as the stars away from towns can be fantastic in Turkey. One of my best memories from my first visit was the sparkle from such enormous stars – just magical!

  7. @ Stephen Shakesheff: Great idea! Suggestions always welcome; it’s not critical at all! 🙂 We are conscious of not over filling the calendar with all sorts – we can only add bigger events for example. However, we’ve had a few suggestions already – events to add – and we’ve decided to see how this calendar goes. If it gets that there are too many things to squash in there, we might divide the calendars up…and then the moons can go in. We’re with you as we love the stars, too.

  8. This is an amazing piece of work Julia, hats off to you both 🙂 A treasure for all of us, cok tesekkurler : )

  9. @ Ozlem’s Turkish Table: Why thank you very much. Hopefully, we can keep finding interesting events to add to the calendar – sure we won’t struggle too much. 😉

  10. Fantastic idea! Great job you two!

  11. @ April: Thank you. Looking forward to adding more events as we find out about them. 🙂

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