You’re Invited To A Party – Time To Show Your Fethiyespor True Colours & Join The Celebration

You don’t need to be in Turkey for very long before you realise that your average Turk on the street is a passionate football fan – and, wherever they live in Turkey, chances are they’re going to support one of the ‘big three’ Istanbul teams; Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe or Beşiktaş. Well, many fans also support their local club and this year is a special year for Fethiyespor!

Fethiyespor (Fethiye’s football team, in case you didn’t know) wants a piece of the action in the football big time and they’re really going for it. A new stadium is in the pipeline, they’ve got themselves a fantastic new team bus, local businesses display Fethiyespor flags, Fethiye Belediyesi (the local council) are completely behind them and Fethiyespor flags are often to be seen flying, crisscrossing the high street.

Fethiyespor Stadium, Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiyespor’s current stadium

And a group of Fethiyespor supporters have given the club a brilliant social media presence. We’re not sure how all this started but, as far as we can remember, the photo above is responsible. One day, we got a message from one of these supporters to our Facebook page: Can we use your photo to promote our next match? And that was it, really. The photo was used, we’ve kept in touch, we’ve decided to go along to a match and now…

Fethiyespor needs you!
The image below is the current Facebook promotion for Fethiyespor’s next match (like we said, these guys really go to town with their social media) against Tarsus on Saturday afternoon.

Fethiyespor Vs Tarsusspor

You can see what we mean with the match ads on Facebook!

This year is Fethiyespor’s 80th anniversary and a bit of lobbying of the ‘big cheeses’ by fans via Twitter, Facebook and emails has got this Saturday’s match on Lig TV, a channel usually reserved for the ‘big boys’.

Fethiyespor really want to see a big crowd on Saturday

We’ve got British friends who go along to watch the team on a regular basis, but the club would love lots more of Fethiye’s international community to go along, so…Saturday’s Lig TV & 80th anniversary party is the perfect time show our support!

Fethiyespor Shop, Fethiye

Fethiyespor store, our flag, other goodies in the shop

This week is a huge push to raise awareness of Fethiyespor and to encourage more foreigners (expats or visitors – who cares?) to go along to the game on Saturday. We were asked to get behind the promotion and we’re more than happy to be involved.

So, if you’re in Fethiye on Saturday and want to go along to the match, here’s how to show your support:

  • You don’t need to be a football fan! We’re not – but you never know, we might become converts.
  • Hassle as many people as you can to come along to the match with you. We’ve been doing this all week and have potentially recruited a few peeps.
  • Go to the Fethiyespor store and get a flag or some ‘colours’. Of course this is optional. We bought a flag. To find out where the store is, it’s centred here on our Fethiye map.
  • Turn up at the stadium on Saturday afternoon, ready to show Turkey that we’re all behind Fethiye. NB: We’ve been told different information about ticket prices (max 10 lira) but the latest news (this morning) is that tickets for some parts of the ground are free. There’s a fee for the main stand. (View the location of Fethiyespor Stadium on our map.)

And finally, if you’re still not convinced, here’s an invite from some Fethiyespor supporters:

Do you fancy to join our party? This Saturday, on the 23th of March, Fethiyespor is throwing a party! We are celebrating our 80th anniversary with a football game on our home ground and it will be nationally broadcasted, LIVE!

If you like football, if you enjoy parties and celebrations as much as we do; come and join us on this historical day. It will be the first live tv coverage from our home ground and millions will be watching us on tv.

Doesn’t matter where you are from; Ireland, Germany, the UK, France, Netherlands, Russia, we know that you like living in Fethiye, we know that you are one of us, we know that you are part of our community. Show that rest of the country, we are one; we live in Fethiye together, we love Fethiye together, we support our team together, we are proud of it together!

Bring your own country’s flag, wear your own jersey; or if you don’t have one it’s not too late to go get Fethiyespor’s one from Fethiyespor Shop, but most importantly bring yourself down here and join us.
Ticket prices are as small as 1 Lira! (Or free)

Date: 23/03/2013
Time: 13.30
Place: Fethiye City Stadium

PS: Don’t forget waving at the cameras, please! 🙂

Thanks to the guys at Fethiyespor 1933 for permission to use their match ad.

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  1. Wish we could join you. We’re not big footie fans either but it sounds like fun!

  2. @ Jack Scott: A good way to get involved in some local Fethiye activities. 🙂

  3. I’m not very keen on local football – but the party sounds good.

  4. @ BacktoBodrum: We’re not very keen on any sort of football but we are curious and we’ve been meaning to go and watch Fethiyespor for a long time. 🙂

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