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When The Kids Of Fethiye Came Into Their Own And Led By Example

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Last week, I wrote an open letter to the ladies of Fethiye; a letter that described the punishment handed out to Fethiyespor following their first home game of the season against Balıkesirspor. The punishment was that only ladies and kids are allowed into the stadium for the next two home games, and last Saturday was the first of those matches against Bucaspor.

Twitter hashtags were set up by Fethiyespor1933 and much rallying was done both on Twitter and Facebook. Fethiyespor Kadın Kolları (the women’s branch) arranged billboards which appeared around town, all in the hope of getting a good crowd at the game.

And then match night was upon us. I went along to the game with some friends and we had no idea what we were going to. Empty stadium? Everyone sat quietly and politely with no atmosphere? Or would the rallying have paid off? Even if the rallying had paid off, would there be any atmosphere?

Fethiyespor Women And Children
The early signs were good

Because there would be no Murat Bayat (he’s the guy who so interested us at our first Fethiyespor match) to keep us all busy throughout the game.

But what happens when there’s no leader in a situation like this? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we get a power vacuum and the kids of Fethiye shine!

If we were worried about lack of atmosphere we needn’t have been. If we were worried about no one to lead, we needn’t have been.

Young Apaçiler, Fethiyespor
The future Apaçiler leaders?

The kids stepped up to the challenge of getting everyone to make as much noise as possible. They stationed themselves at different points along the main stand – they paced up and down, arms aloft – and, very actively encouraged by members of the Fethiyespor Kadın Kolları, they led – and we followed – and they told us to make lots of noise – and we made lots of noise.

Women And Children, Fethiyespor
We filled a stand

Everyone made lots of noise. The crowd was estimated at around 3,000, and what 3,000 women and kids must have sounded like to the players on the pitch – especially the Bucaspor players – I can only imagine.

And it must have got worse and worse for the Bucaspor players as Fethiyespor scored first one goal, then another. The kids didn’t need too much encouragement to fill the shoes of Murat Bayat but the goals spurred them on ever more.

Future Apaçiler, Fethiyespor
More noise to be made

And the chanting and singing was unrelenting…the little power struggles meant as soon as one leader stopped for a breather, there was always another hopeful waiting to jump in there for their little moment of leadership glory.

We didn’t care. We were all happy to go along with whoever stepped up to the mark.

Fethiyespor Female Supporters
The turn of the girls to lead the way

And sometimes that was the girls. Whatever we all did in the crowd last week, it worked. Fethiyespor were yet to win their first game of the season and, all of a sudden, there we were watching them beat Bucaspor 4-0.

Hats off to the kids of Fethiye for last week (once a teacher always a teacher, I guess, and I wanted to give them all a big pat on the back because they were all stars), they did their town proud.

But don’t just trust these photos. Here’s a little snippet of the ‘activity’ we kept up – and increased – throughout the match.

Do you fancy joining us?

  • This Sunday night at 8 pm, the women and kids of Fethiye will do it all over again as Fethiyespor take on Şanlıurfaspor.
  • The more the merrier. If you’d like to join in and help boost the decibel levels even more (and maybe even help Fethiyespor to their second win of the season), everyone is welcome – if you’re female or a child under 12, that is, of course.
  • Entrance to the stadium for this match is FREE.

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Turkey's For Life

Saturday 21st of September 2013

@ BacktoBodrum: Ha ha, I know. Think the chaps might have something to say about that though. They're missing their stadium! ;)

Turkey's For Life

Saturday 21st of September 2013

@ Alan: Not too sure what happens with the ones who threw stuff - we've made the most of it anyway. :)

Backto Bodrum

Friday 20th of September 2013

I don't think the chaps should be let back in - Well done Fethiye ladies and kids.


Friday 20th of September 2013

. . good stuff! Seems like a life-time ban on the yobbos would do FetSpor a good turn!

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