Love Fethiye – A Town Viewed Through Instagram

At the beginning of this month, we were playing around with social media and Twitter and embedded some of our favourite Turkey tweets from September into the blog. This week, we’ve decided to move along to Instagram and with that, show a bit of love for Fethiye. Well, we do love Fethiye – who doesn’t – it’s very photogenic and we think Instagram shows the town and the area off perfectly.

Again, for those of you who don’t use social media, being able to display things like this on the blog means you get a glimpse into what we and others are up to in other areas of the internet and, as with our Twitter post, all the photos link back to the person’s account so you can like the photos directly from here and click on the account to follow them if you like what you see.

So, let’s show some Fethiye love!

This first photo is one of ours and shows Fethiye on a sunnier day than we’ve got right now. It’s taken from the coast road that links Fethiye to Çalış and is one of our favourite views. The sight of the Karagözler houses sitting on the hillside by the water is one of the things that captured us and made us fall for Fethiye way back when. If you don’t already follow us on Instagram; go on, put that right and give us a follow…we’d be more than grateful.

We love this Instagram photo from grumpymaster; as you know, markets are one of our favourite subjects. We’ve written about kar şerbeti in the past; it’s just a perfect drink for hot sunny days, especially when you’re dragging your tired body around the maze of Fethiye market. It looks like grumpymaster likes the pekmez flavour. We’re cherry people. If you like this photo, give grumpymaster a follow on Instagram…he’s not grumpy, really. 

Jenny, from the excellent blog A Taste of Travel was recently in Fethiye and fortunately, so were we! (It really is uncanny how often we are away when other bloggers drop into town.) Although it was a fleeting visit, she did manage to visit the the beautiful Gemiler and she did what we all love to do; stopped the car at the top of the hill and got out to take a photo of the view. Give atasteoftravel a follow on Instgram if you enjoyed this photo.

Love Fethiye, love Fethiyespor, right? Well, some of us do. We also love this photo. Over on the Fethiyespor1933 Facebook page, they have a photo album called Sizlerden Gelen Fotoğraflar. The idea is you send them a photo of yourself in Fethiyespor gear of some description, somewhere in the world, outside of Fethiye. This guy took that to extremes and took photos of himself in various places around the USA. 10 out of 10 for effort, we say. Follow fethiyespor1933 on Instagram and if you want to be in their Facebook album, get yourself in a photo and upload it in a private message to their Facebook page.

And let’s get right up to date – right up to the minute, in fact, as this photo has only just been added to Instagram. This is Fethiye, right here, right now, and it was added by alfuslu. The sun doesn’t always shine in Fethiye, but we still love it even when it’s wet and grey.

And that’s our first ever post on Fethiye On Instagram. We’re going to be doing more of these in the future and we want your help. If you use Instagram, take photos around the Fethiye area and would like your photo to appear in these posts, hashtag your shots with #FethiyeTFL. We’ll choose five photos, embed them into the blog and, you never know, you might even pick up lots of new followers.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Julia and Barry! We loved visiting the beaches and towns around Fethiye and Fethiye itself. Going to the football should be on everyone’s itinerary! Next time we’ll be back for longer!

  2. @ jenny: You’re welcome – we loved your Gemiler photo and we agree, going to watch Fethiyespor should be on everyone’s itinerary. 🙂 Hope you can make it back to Fethiye some time and stick around for longer.

  3. fabulous photos : ) a great dose of home!! – have a lovely weekend :), Ozlem

  4. My heart sinks when I see mention of Twitter, instagram, Pinterest etc because I know I should give them all a go but I’m I’m so bad at starting something new. Maybe in the winter.

  5. @ Ozlem: We used to always do our own Fethiye photo every week but thought it would be nice to include other people’s, too. 🙂

    @BacktoBodrum: Instagram is just so simple and good fun – if you’ve got Android or an i-phone that is. Some of the others take your time up but we use Instagram anyway so it’s nice and easy. 🙂

  6. So nice to see those pictures, Julia, and to recognize them from our visit last year.Fethiye is a lovely town, and it was fun to meet you two!

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