A Blast Of Colour In Fethiye – Renklerle Barışa Doğru By Alkan Çuhadar

It’s (not very) creatively known by lots of English speakers in Fethiye as ‘The Big Blue Building.’ You’ll know the one we mean; it’s one of those constructions you grow to feel a strange affection for because it just doesn’t blend in with its immediate surroundings – well, it’s bright blue for a start.

Anyway, The Big Blue Building is actually the Fethiye Kültür Merkezi (the culture centre) and has an indoor and outdoor theatre, workshops and a gallery for exhibitions put on by various creative types. We love an exhibition but, for some reason, rarely venture into the gallery. Until yesterday, the last time we were there was to look at the exhibition of Ottoman photographs taken by archaeologist, Professor John Garstang…and that was two years ago.

Alkan Çuhadar Art Exhibition, Fethiye Culture Centre

Banner outside the culture centre

Yesterday, we put that right by visiting an exhibition by Turkish artist, Alkan Çuhadar. A friend had been to visit and uploaded photos to Facebook. We’re suckers for bright colours and this exhibition is called Renklerle Barışa Doğru (I guess the best, but not literal, translation for this is Peace Through Colour). I sent her a quick message asking if it was okay to take photos. Yes, was the answer.

Alkan Çuhadar Artwork, Fethiye Culture Centre

Sulh and Cömert

So we decided to have a stroll up to the culture centre yesterday afternoon to take a closer look for ourselves.

Alkan Çuhadar Artwork, Fethiye Culture Centre

Renklerin Kardeşliği and Cesaret

Each painting in the Renklerle Barışa Doğru exhibition is original – acrylic on canvas – and they’re all named, obviously, with a theme around peace. The two paintings in the main part of this shot are Renklerin Kardeşliği and Cesaret (‘Brotherhood of Colours’ and ‘Courage’).

Alkan Çuhadar Art Exhibit, Fethiye Culture Centre

Inside the gallery

It’s not a huge exhibition – well, the gallery isn’t big enough for that – but if you’re like us and bright colours lift your spirits for the day, it’s well worth a visit. And the artist, Alkan Çuhadar, will be more than happy to see you. It’s his first solo exhibition so to have visitors strolling around and enjoying his work must be a nice feeling for him.

Artwork By Alkan Çuhadar, Fethiye, Turkey

Heyecan and Dinamik

He doesn’t speak much English but we managed a small conversation in Turkish. He’s a really friendly guy and, if our Turkish was better, we’re sure he would have happily told us all about his paintings. If your Turkish is decent, you can put this to the test when you visit.

A Panorama Of Colour At Fethiye Culture Centre

Selection of paintings inside the exhibition

But art isn’t about language, anyway, is it? If you’re just passing, any time over the weekend, drop in to have a look, or even do what we did and make a special journey to go there. We weren’t disappointed…and we’ve made a mental note to visit the culture centre exhibitions more often in the future.

Renklerle Barışa Doğru by Alkan Çuhadar

  • The Renklerle Barışa Doğru exhibition ran through until 1st December 2013
  • Entrance was free
  • Fethiye Culture Centre is on Fethiye harbour, opposite Beşkaza Meydanı (the town square) and is marked here on our map of Fethiye
  • The gallery is easily visible, directly opposite you as you go up the steps between the outdoor stage and the seating

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