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Staying Overnight In Kaş: Discovering Familiarity At Meltem Pension

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A while back, you may remember we stayed overnight in Kaş in a seafront hotel; Gardenia Boutique Hotel. That stay was very kindly passed on to us by a reader who could no longer go there.

Idyllic autumnal views, everything starting to slow right down in Kaş, we just felt really chilled and relaxed after a busy summer. We wanted to prolong the feeling and decided to stay one more night.

Except, we would have to find somewhere else to stay. You know us. Boutique hotels do not feature heavily on our travel agendas. We would have to find a pension.

Meltem Pension, Kaş

We sat in a tea garden and looked up some places to stay in Kaş online. “This is the one – Meltem Pension. Good price and great reviews and it’s not far from the otogar.” We booked it there and then from the tea garden. Don’t you just love the internet!

Meltem Pension, Kaş
Meltem Pension – tucked away on a quite side street, not far from Kaş otogar

Barry took himself off for a circular walk (I had a silly, painful blister that day that left me limping and unable to go) and I hobbled around town, taking photos with the tablet. It would be evening time before we went to check in at the pension.

Reception is upstairs on the roof terrace, which also serves as a bar, common room and breakfast area. Adnan, the pension’s owner was sat with a group of travellers enjoying a drink or two.

“Come and join us,” he said. So we did – we never need too much persuading.

After exchanging some Turkey travel tips for some Poland travel tips (the travelling group were Polish) and downing a couple of beers, we got our room keys and were shown to our room.

Beds At Meltem Pension, Kaş
Gotta love a pretty bed decoration – common in Turkey

We’d booked an ensuite private room. It was spacious, simply furnished…and quite possibly the cleanest place we have ever stayed in.

The vast majority of Turkish hotels and pensions are fantastically clean. So, to notice even more cleanliness in a building…there just wasn’t a single speck of anything anywhere. “The internet password for this floor is on the wall for you, there.”

Oh joy. Free internet access for all rooms, too – we’re sold!

Bathroom, Meltem Pension, Kaş
Our brand new en suite bathroom in Meltem Pension

And, as with many of the hostels and pensions in Turkey, Meltem Pension is an older building. However, the bathrooms have been recently updated so we had a brand new bathroom experience to enjoy, too.

We slept soundly that night and then wandered up to the roof terrace the following morning to see what was in store for breakfast. This is a pension. We were expecting simple but adequate.

Breakfast Area, Meltem Pension, Kaş
Meltem Pension Terrace – there are also chairs and tables for those who prefer

But we were completely wrong. Adnan’s wife has a hand in this and it’s clear she likes to make sure their guests leave for the day with more than enough Turkish breakfast fuel inside them to keep them going.

We arrived to a long buffet table that we could help ourselves, too.

Four different cheeses, three types of olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, rocket, parsley, an array of jams, boiled eggs and menemen, huge sigara böreği, bread – more than you would expect of any standard Turkish breakfast.

But then it’s the added extras that always make the Turkish breakfast more of a treat…fresh fruit, different home made kurabiye (difficult to describe – many are similar to the texture of shortbread), slices of home made cake…and…big fat wedges of home made, deep fried potatoes.

Oh we just can’t get enough of those – we helped ourselves to a lot of these. When we first came to Turkey and saw ‘cold chips’ on the breakfast table, we thought it was just bizarre. No more, however. It works!

Kaş Views From Meltem Pension
Views of Kaş hillsides from the Meltem Pension roof terrace

We sat chatting with Adnan again and he asked us where we’d come from. “Fethiye,” we said. “We live there and we just fancied a couple of nights away.”
“Oh I’m from Demre. My friends have a business in Fethiye.”

We knew straight away what was coming. Seriously, it’s very difficult to go anywhere in Turkey without bumping into someone you either know, or who knows someone you know. “Ahh, we know what you’re going to say,” we said. “You know the V-Go lot, don’t you?”

“Yes, we’re all friends from Demre.”

And that’s Turkey for you. We choose to stay in Kaş for one more night on a whim. We book the pension online because it looks good for our budget. We arrive to find the owner is close friends with people we know in Fethiye

A 2015 Meltem Pension, Kaş Update

Since writing this blog post, we’ve recently stayed a Meltem Pension again – we were prolonging our holiday after our gület cruise along the Lycian coast.

Meltem Pension has become our go to place whenever we’re in Kaş now. It’s welcoming and friendly; owner, Adnan, is really helpful; you know exactly what you’re going to when you’re a weary traveller – and what you’re going to is ideal – and ohhh, that breakfast.

If you’re anything like me in that you’re a breakfast person, you’ll not know where to start. A real treat that sorts you out until it’s time for evening meal! Here’s a photo of their breakfast on their Meltem Pension Facebook page. You might be up out of your chair more than once to top up the plate.

Meltem Pension, Kaş – Useful Information

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Mark D'Antoni

Sunday 22nd of December 2013

I LOVE that terrace!! Fun post.... missing Turkey.

Turkey's For Life

Tuesday 24th of December 2013

Somehow think we're going to be seeing you here in Turkey again at some point ;)

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