Dürüm At Mozaik Bahçe In Fethiye – What Took Us So Long?

We know we’ve written about Mozaik Bahçe restaurant in Fethiye on numerous occasions – but we’ve felt the urge to do another post today. This is because, over the years, we’ve munched our way through quite a hefty proportion of the menu. I just love their chicken şiş, Barry the lamb, but we often force ourselves to choose something else just for the sake of variety. Liver şiş is yummy, şato piliç is another favourite (remarkably, we’ve never done a post on it), tepsi kebab managed to get a look in one time and the güveç pops up occasionally, too.

But everyone we speak to always talks about the dürüm (wraps). “Ohhhh, have you never tried the liver wrap? Ohhh, they’re amazing. They really fill you up, too.” (Liver seems to pop up more than anything else.) What’s taken us so long in trying the dürüm is it’s usually evening when we go to Mozaik Bahçe and we’re treating ourselves to a meal out. On the odd time we have been at lunch time, we’ve shared a meze plate between us…because it’s been summer and it’s hot.

Valentine's Day Flowers, Mozaik Bahçe, Fethiye

Flowers on the table for Valentine’s Day

But this year, Mozaik Bahçe have stayed open through the winter, too, and yesterday afternoon we found ourselves in the centre of Fethiye, no electricity anywhere in town, we were hungry and it was cold and raining. But it was Valentine’s Day, so we wanted a nice lunch out. We both came up with the same idea and took ourselves off to Mozaik Bahçe – no need to look at the menu (even though we did). It felt too cold for a meze plate. Two liver dürüms for us!

Side Plate, Mozaik Bahçe, Fethiye, Turkey

We loved the red hot chillies

First came accompaniments: onion, tomato and red hot chillies straight from the barbecue. Hot pickled chillies and gherkins (hiding behind the chillies in this pic). You can never have too many chillies and turşu (pickles) when you’re having a kebab as far as we’re concerned. Good start.

Ciğer Dürüm - Liver Wrap at Mozaik Bahçe, Fethiye

Ciğer Dürüm – Liver Wrap at Mozaik Bahçe

The problem with taking photos of dürüm is it’s really hard to convey their size. Trust us when we say, the ciğer dürüm (liver wrap) is big. And it’s packed with juicy chunks of liver, salad, fresh chopped parsley, roasted red pepper and a generous smattering of sumac. These days, many kebab places in western Turkey will ask if you want ketchup and mayonnaise on your dürüm. No! Tasty oils and sauces please! No ketchup/mayonnaise in sight yesterday. Just a fabulous dürüm.

This is quite easily one of the best dürüm we have ever had the pleasure to eat. Barry didn’t finish his – he got too full – and we were only supposed to be having a snack. We ate again last night, but very late! If you’re in Turkey on a budget, the Mozaik Bahçe dürüm are great value for money. We’re already looking forward to another one…the question is, do we got for a different filling or not…?

Mozaik Bahçe Restaurant, Fethiye – Useful Info

  • February 2014 – Our liver dürüm was 8 TL
  • Until the start of the summer season, Mozaik Bahçe is open every day except Sunday
  • They’re just behind Domino’s Pizza off 91 Sokak
  • For menu updates, upcoming events, photos etc, you can “like” the Mozaik Bahçe Facebook page
  • And as usual, for other ideas about where to feed and water yourself in Fethiye, take a look at our Fethiye eating and drinking page.

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  1. I feel they should be in front of Domino’s Pizza, not behind it. Let’s get our food priorities straight.

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