Souvenir Shopping In Fethiye – 2 Ways To Keep It Local, Fethiyespor-Style

This is a blog post prompted by a couple of conversations that have cropped up with visiting friends over the last week. At first, this post was going to be a quick update on our Turkey’s For Life Facebook page but then, the more it unfolded in ‘head writing,’ the longer the update looked. Hence, you’re reading it here instead…

We’re referring to souvenirs. Even the most reluctant shoppers (that’ll be me and Barry) like to make at least a small purchase when they visit somewhere – a little reminder of the trip. Fethiye is packed full of places where you can buy those mementos – but if you’re looking for something in particular, it’s good to know where to buy it from…it’s hot and sunny and you don’t want to be traipsing around, only to come up empty handed (trust us – it only leads to tetchiness). That’s what happened to some people we know and, by the time we had the conversation, it was too late.

“So how was your first visit to Fethiye?”
“Great. Loved it. But we looked everywhere on Fethiye market for Fethiyespor shirts and no one sold them.”

Fethiyespor Store, Fethiye, Turkey

The Fethiyespor Store

And it was too late because they were leaving for the UK the day after. So the photo above:

This is the Fethiyespor store and this is the place to come for all things Fethiyespor

Lots of people head straight for the market to buy fake Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş football shirts. Why not buy some Fethiye goodies that not only represent Fethiye but also add a few kuruş to the upkeep of the club as a whole? And, of course, you’d be doing your bit in spreading the Fethiye and Fethiyespor name. There’s a lot of pride amongst the Fethiyespor supporters and, for them, there is no separation between town and club.

Fethiyespor Souvenirs, Fethiye

Ceramic plaques – iconic souvenirs

Now, while we were having this conversation with the family, we were also with another friend. Last week, our friend Anıl, author of travel and tech blog foXnoMad, came to stay with us for a few days. As we were explaining to the family about the Fethiyespor store, Anıl quipped, “I might buy something from the store before I leave.”

We’d had a couple of drinks but that little remark was committed to memory straight away – we needed to go into Fethiye the following day anyway. A little visit to the Fethiyespor store could be added to the itinerary. And it was!

Fethiyespor Store Bags

The Fethiyespor Store bag

And here’s the purchase. Worth it just for the bag you’re given to put your goodies in (gotta love a nice bag). You’ll just have to trust us that Anıl’s purchase is inside this bag. He was getting ready to leave for Istanbul so this was a quick photo before he packed everything up.

And the Fethiyespor Store is not all about football shirts

Inside this bag is not a football shirt…but a running top with a small Fethiyespor logo on the top left. There are fleece jackets (yes, we know it’s difficult thinking about winter warmers in intense Fethiye heat – imagination is necessary), t-shirts, shorts, scarves, hats, cuff links and enamel pin badges. There are also ceramic coffee mugs and plaques (see middle photo). I took this photo because if anything conjures up an image of a holiday souvenir, it’s a ceramic plaque. Ladies, there are even a few t-shirts, running tops in there for you, too.

And, as we write this post, we’ve just seen the latest idea for income generation for the club. Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Fethiye. How about buying your Kahramanmaraş ice cream and waffles from a Fethiyespor stand? Well, we’re going to have to do this if only for the novelty value. Keep an eye out for the stands along Fethiye harbour, Çalış, Ölüdeniz and Göcek.

  • The Fethiyespor Store is on Atatürk Caddesi (the main road that runs through the centre of town along the coast). The store is just next to the entrance to the main car park, opposite Garanti Bank and Yengen. You can see the store here on our map of Fethiye.
  • And this is our Facebook update about the ice cream stands. We’re still smiling at this latest idea…

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