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Türk Yıldızları In Fethiye – We’d Love A Part Two

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Yes, this is an ode to those that fly those spectacular flying machines that just leave me completely spellbound – and it’s an ode to the machines, too, I guess.

There’s no rhyme or reason to this love of jets; it’s just the way it is.

A jet flies overhead and the world stops for a few short seconds as first it passes and then the thunderous noise follows…and someone is flying that.

Just amazing!

Anyway, so that’s why this post will gush over the fact that Türk Yıldızları (Turkish Stars) are in town (Brits – we have the RAF Red Arrows; the Turkish Airforce has Türk Yıldızları).

We’ve waited for this for a long time.

We witnessed them in Ölüdeniz at the air games a few years ago and have waited in anticipation for a return ever since.

Yesterday, that happened…

Türk Yıldızları, Turkish Stars
When the Türk Yıldızları fly past your house

The Ölüdeniz Air Games have been taking place this week, not in the best of weather it has to be said.

And we knew a while ago from the Türk Yıldızları Facebook page that they were going to be here for it.

The timetable was that they would be in Ölüdeniz yesterday and then fly over Fethiye and Çalış ‘to say hello’ before doing a rehearsal today and then a main show tomorrow.

We thought they would literally ‘fly over’ and they did. We rushed outside to watch them pass – and that’s the problem with jets isn’t it?

You’re deafened by the sound but they’re always in a completely different part of the sky than you expect them to be. Our next door neighbour rushed out, too.

There we were, in pyjamas, in the front garden, looking at the sky.

“Orada, orada,” (there, there), she pointed.

We thought we’d missed them but realised they were turning round to come back.

I rushed back inside for my camera and stood in the garden thinking my camera-fetching-efforts had probably proven late and fruitless.

Only four of them this year. Last time, we had seven.

They flew past again in formation, high in the sky. Zooming in at speed is not my forte.

Each time I tried, I completely lost them.

Just a mass of pluming white clouds (evidently building themselves up nicely for last night’s and today’s stormy weather) and vibrant blue sky.

The noise – and the sight – of Türk Yıldızları across Fethiye bay was enough to make everyone stop in their tracks.

Looking For The Turkish Stars
It was enough to make people stop in their tracks

You see, we might have been waiting with excitement for some time – we like their Facebook page, we follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

We knew they were coming. But it looks as though not everyone in Fethiye knew of the arrival of their famous visitors.

People walking along the harbour stopped walking, drivers pulled over, scooters stopped in the cycle lane – and even the jandarma van pulled over while the officers got out to watch.

A couple of girls ducked, much to the amusement of our neighbour.

Türk Yıldızları In Fethiye
This is beauty

For around 30 minutes, they performed.

And for that 30 minutes I tried so hard to get photos I really wanted.

That speed and sound I love so much proved to be the difficulty in getting those photos.

Stick the camera on multi-shot setting, press the shutter button, and surely you’ll catch something at some point. That’s my motto anyway…

When Türk Yıldızları were in Ölüdeniz a few years ago, I remember completely giving up and just lying on my back on the beach with my camera in the air, snapping away at anything.

Got a lovely photo that time of them all in formation right above me…complete luck.

Turkish Stars In Fethiye
And more beauty

Yesterday, just to witness them perform, purely accidentally, well that was just a privilege…

Because today was supposed to be a rehearsal along Çalış Beach for the main show tomorrow. The weather today meant they were a no-show.

We’ve got fingers and toes crossed the weather will improve enough for them to perform tomorrow.

And, if not…if not, at least we saw this amazing sight from our own front garden…

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Jack Scott

Sunday 26th of October 2014

I saw them over Bodrum too. They flew so low, they set off car alarms. Fabulous!

Backto Bodrum

Saturday 25th of October 2014

Did they make the heart in the sky? Or is that for tomorrow. I was very impressed by that when they flew over Bodrum.


Saturday 25th of October 2014

. . terribly bad for the environment but then 'Hey!' so is motorcycle racing and I can't do without that either ;-D

Turkey's For Life

Saturday 25th of October 2014

Well, we all need our vices. ;) The way we see it, we do our bit to protect the environment so we're allowed little treats. Something like that anyway. :)

Lily Lau

Saturday 25th of October 2014

Turkey's beautiful, there are no words to describe it! Sadly, people show so many stereotypes against it...

Turkey's For Life

Saturday 25th of October 2014

Probably true of many countries but Turkey does seem to come out worst on occasion.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.