Çalış Beach Sunset – Photo Of The Day And A December Update

Yes, this is the photo-of-the-day for December 6th in our December New Year countdown. It’s been a popular one on our Turkey’s For Life Facebook page – don’t we all love a good Çalış Beach sunset. It doesn’t matter how many photos we take of them, no two are the same.

Yesterday was really balmy and possibly even hit the low 20s, so we couldn’t not got take off for a walk along Çalış Beach. Friday afternoon and all that…so we sat at Kafe Bahane and had a drink in the hazy sunshine, and we didn’t feel too naughty because lots of other Fethiye people were doing exactly the same as us.

The weather forecast for Fethiye keeps predicting rain but we just seem to be stuck under a warm cloud blanket. No doubt it’s pouring down in the surrounding mountains and Fethiye is sheltered from it…at the moment…and we’re all making the most of the dry, warm weather while we’ve got it.

Çalış Beach Sunset, December

A December Çalış Beach Sunset

As the sun started to set, we decided to stick around for a while longer because we could see the feint white lines of cloud striking across the blue. These white clouds are the ones that morph from brilliant white to fuchsia during a winter Çalış Beach sunset. And then we saw there was a long, heavy bank of grey cloud on the horizon and the sun disappeared behind them, leaving just a slight hint of lilac colouring in the atmosphere. Hmm, might as well go home then because this sunset’s not going to happen…

Well, that’s what we thought, but we’ve been here long enough now not to be tricked by a bit of cloud. Rather than jump on the dolmuş from the bottom end of the beach, we decided to walk back slowly to the main beach entrance, just in case. Ahhh, the best things come to those who wait. Between Bahane and the main Çalış Beach entrance, although the sun had disappeared below the horizon sometime before, lilac suddenly became the winter fuchsia we were hoping for and the colour of the sea responded in kind.

We’ve lived here 11 years now and how can we ever not appreciate this view?! No special effort to view it. This is just Fethiye, where we live, and we’ll never take that for granted.

If you’re in Fethiye, tomorrow is the Çalış Christmas Fair. We’re hoping to go along in the hope of bratwurst and, as usual, there’ll be lots of local stall holders there selling lots of Christmas goodies; many of them handmade. Our Christmas tree isn’t up yet – still doing Christmas cleaning – so we might buy a couple of Christmas tree treats, too. If you’re not in Fethiye, don’t forget we’re doing a blog post every day this month so we’ll have pics etc from the day for you later tomorrow.

December in Fethiye is often balmy and beautiful. In 2011, we did a photo post where we showed you four photos from different parts of Fethiye. If you’re enjoying the photos, you can fill your boots and click here to view the four photos of Fethiye in December.

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