Deep Blue Bar, The Bluestone And Us – 5 Years Down The Road

It was January 2010 when we first wrote about The Bluestone playing at Deep Blue Bar in Fethiye…and, well, haven’t we all come a long way since then? Five years on, February 2015, and we were once again watching The Bluestone in Deep Blue Bar. The main part of the bar is now on the opposite side of the pathway in Paspatur.

Fethiye Live Music - Deep Blue Bar, Paspatur

The live music setup at Deep Blue Bar, Fethiye

So we all sit in that side. Outside, these days, is always packed at nights, anyway. As we said in a previous blog post, Paspatur is back on the Fethiye map when it comes to a night out. Over winter, Deep Blue has become a bit of live music venue with bands on four nights a week, Wednesday to Saturday. Thursdays are the turn of The Bluestone.

The Bluestone - Live Music At Deep Blue Bar, Fethiye

The Bluestone at Deep Blue Bar, Fethiye

A lot changes in Fethiye on a regular basis, but there are always those faces that have been around since our early days in the town. They might disappear for a while – working elsewhere or off doing other projects – but they pop back up every now and then. The Bluestone have been on and off regulars at Deep Blue for a looong time and we love it when they’re around. And now, they’re around again – for the winter, anyway.

We went to watch them on Thursday night because it’s so long since we’d last seen them. Our blog has come a long way since the last time we wrote about them in 2010 and The Bluestone have come a long way, too. Maybe we’re all just a bit older and wiser.

A keyboardist added to the line up has just made a massive difference to an already great band and, at times, you do think, as you’re watching them, they should be more famous than they are. (We predicted fame and fortune for them back in 2010 but Fethiye is where they’re at; lucky us.)

The Bluestone, Deep Blue Bar, Fethiye

Lead singer and guitarist, Selçuk, of The Bluestone

So, since that last blog post, five years ago in 2010, Deep Blue Bar is still with us – but bigger and better. The Bluestone are still with us but sounding much better and just more rounded. Selçuk has always been an amazing guitarist but, in the past, has carried band mates. Now, The Bluestone is a band.

And us? We’re still in Fethiye, too, and, in that five years, our little blog has grown way beyond what we ever could have imagined. Social media has grown and we’ve grown with it. Barry’s very-necessary-background-knowledge-that-I-know-nothing-about is growing at a ridiculous pace of knots because of changes we’re making. And me? Photos are getting better, hopefully, and we’re playing more with video…

Which brings us to our video of The Bluestone playing at Deep Blue Bar on Thursday night…

This is our Fethiye; the Fethiye we love. We’ve grown, Deep Blue has grown and The Bluestone have grown…and we’re all still here. This is The Bluestone playing the 1966 Jimi Hendrix track, Red House. We don’t need to tell you anything else because you can listen for yourself. Enjoy!

(And just while we’re on the subject of growing and improving; excuse the few seconds of blurred footage…I’m still learning my camera, especially when it’s in a dark room. Growing and improving, slowly…)

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  1. Glad to see some things change for the better.

  2. Hi, can you tell me if this band play there in the summer months, would love to see them. Tony

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