More Live Music At Deep Blue Bar – This Time In Aid Of Street Animals

There are a lot of people in this world doing good things…and, on Monday night at Deep Blue Bar, a few people got together to do something good. Some of the musicians who have been playing at Deep Blue throughout winter decided to get together and put on a ‘bit of a do’ to raise some money for street animals.

Fortunately, we caught notice of this event on the Deep Blue Bar Facebook page so we decided we just had to go along. Any excuse for a night out with live music…

Fethiye Live Music - Karadüzen At Deep Blue Bar

Karadüzen play at Deep Blue Bar

It wasn’t too long ago that we were writing about The Bluestone playing live at Deep Blue and they were one of the bands playing again on Monday night – but a bit more of The Bluestone later…For now, we’re concentrating on Karadüzen. Karadüzen are the three ladies you can see in the photo above.

Monday night was the first time we’ve watched them play together…and we’ll be watching them again soon, most definitely.

The girl on the left of this photo is Yeşim. She’s a true veteran of the Fethiye live music scene and it’s rare you don’t hear her name mentioned or see her bob up somewhere if anyone is hosting a live music event.

Yeşim plays flute, saxophone, guitar and also happens to be a great singer, too…oh yeah, and she teaches flute, too. Some people are just a bit musical like that, aren’t they?

We’ve seen her sing solo and as part of bands at Deep Blue over the years more times than we care to remember – but, as part of this particular outfit – Karadüzen – well it was great!

You know us, by now, with our videos. We are getting there and I did a few on the night. This video is about my best attempt in not sending my camera into a blur (the video setting doesn’t like the dark lighting in Deep Blue Bar – but we do).

They did a beautiful Turkish folk song we know so we could fldjm-didjm along to that one. Another track we knew was the one in this video. Lots of you will know it, too. We just love how much fun they’re obviously having together.

And, if we’re being honest, their Turkish stuff was better than this – well, guess that makes sense – but this video gives you an idea of their lovely energy together, anyway.

Live Music In Fethiye - Deep Blue Bar, Paspatur

Bluestone, ft. Yeşim at Deep Blue Bar

And this is the problem (or not) with Deep Blue Bar. We’ve seen The Bluestone play so many times in the past and, although we love them, we decided we wouldn’t stay around for the full set.

Well, it was getting late, we’d had enough to drink…and then, before you know it, The Bluestone are in the second half of their set, Yeşim’s invited herself to join in their set for a song or two, it’s all very chilled and good fun, we’ve ordered more than one ‘one more’ and The Bluestone’s set finishes…and we’re all still there.

It’s always a late night when you go to Deep Blue…

Fethiye Live Music – Deep Blue Bar

  • The ‘Sokak Hayvanları İçin Çalıyoruz’ (We’re Playing For Street Animals) was 10TL entrance fee and this raised almost 800 TL for street animals on the night.
  • Deep Blue Bar have live music on Wednesday to Saturday through winter. No entrance fee.
  • The Bluestone play every Thursday night and Karadüzen play every Friday.
  • Live music tends to start at around 10 pm…ish.

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