A Postcard From The Lycian Coast

Greetings from the Lycian coast of Turkey. That’s the area where thousands of people take to the sea each summer to journey along Turkey’s Mediterranean shoreline – the famous Blue Cruises.

We’ve lived in Turkey for so long now – on this very coast, in Fethiye, and we’ve never done a cruise on a traditional Turkish gület. Well, it was about time we did…so, this summer, we decided to finally take the plunge and book ourselves a cabin, and that’s where we’re doing this bog post from right now.

Rather than leave from Fethiye, we decided to do a cruise away from home – well, it feels more like you’re on holiday then, doesn’t it – and the company we booked through came up with lots of alternatives. The only time we could fit it into our schedule, however, (so that we weren’t away when friends were in Fethiye to visit) was this week. We needed as much guarantee as possible for warm October weather, warm seas, and – hopefully – calm seas.

So, rather than head towards the Aegean direction, we decided to stay south in the Mediterranean and, so far, that has paid off well. We’ve had flat seas and perfect weather and we’re hoping that will continue until Friday.

Gület Voyage Kemer to Kekova

Sailing on our gület towards ancient Phaselis and Olympos

And our decision wasn’t just all about being on a gület bobbing about in the Mediterranean. No, it was more than that. We love this area of Turkey and have lots of unfinished business around here. In spring, we drove along the D400 from Antalya back to Fethiye and dipped into Adrasan bay en route. We really fell for Adrasan and decided there and then that we wanted to see more of the coastline around here.

Along this route, there are countless other places to visit – places we’ve wanted to visit for the first time and places we’ve wanted to revisit for a long time. Well, we’ve driven the route along Lycian Turkey a few times, so why not now do it by gület and see all those famous historical sites and destinations we’ve been reading about for all these years?

So, we’re sailing from Kemer in the Antalya region, west as far as Kekova and then back to Kemer. We’re a few days in now and we’re on a true Lycian adventure! We’ve taken hundreds of photos, filmed numerous short videos, eaten lots of fabulous Turkish food on the gület, made notes of the menus (so that we can remember what we’ve eaten and get a few recipe ideas), made notes on where we’ve anchored up, where we’ve visited and clambered and climbed (we’ve packed a lot into this week) and we’ve soaked up as much as we possibly can.

Now all that’s left for us to do is enjoy our last few days on board our gület and then let the blog posts begin to flow. Wow, we’ve got a lot to tell you about this gület trip! Hope you’re going to enjoy our journey…

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  1. BacktoBodrum says

    I first saw this coastline from a yacht in 1981. I still haven’t seen a place to better it.

  2. Can’t wait for the full story! We did the Olympos to Fethiye route this year and it was great (despite bad weather for a couple of days!) First time for us too, but maybe not the last!

  3. oh, so wonderful, love this coastline, enjoy every minute of it!:)

  4. The sight of that water does me no end of good. 🙂

  5. So beautiful and blue and summery, that photo. This boat journey sounds like a wonderful idea for Turkey beyond the beaches. 🙂

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