Lighthouse Restaurant – Simple & Colourful Dining Along Çalış Beach

Lighthouse Restaurant Pide and Pizza, Çalış Beach – a new one for us (or, at least it was when we first wrote this post). Springtime always sees us trying out new places. Why? Because…

The mild winter has meant that Spring has sprung early in Fethiye. And, whenever that happens, it’s nigh on impossible for us to walk along Fethiye harbour or along the kordon of Çalış Beach without being tempted by one of the many bars and restaurants.

Lighthouse Pide & Pizza Restaurant, Çalış Beach

We love the bright colours of Lighthouse Restaurant

It’s pleasantly sunny, the sea’s gentle ripples lap against the shore, people are sitting and chatting and laughing (because aren’t we all in a better mood when the sun shines)? Beer, wine, çay and coffees are flowing. The days are still short and the nights cold – so we all want to make the most of the afternoon outdoor temperatures and life feels good.

Lighthouse Restaurant, Çalış Beach

On one such sunny occasion when we were strolling along the beach in Çalış, we bumped into a couple we know. They were sat at Lighthouse Restaurant and were tucking into an afternoon snack of lahmacun. Talk soon turned to the subject of the lahmacun as it was just so beautifully presented. Okay, yeah, we were coveting it, just a tad…

“Oh, yeah, it’s great,” they said. “And reasonably priced, too. We always come here.”

And, as is the case with other places along the beach, Lighthouse Restaurant is just one of those places where we’ve never thought to park ourselves.

New For Some, Old For Others

Lighthouse Restaurant is new – for us. It has lots of seasoned regulars. We’ve glanced inside as we’ve ambled by – of late. It’s always looked so bright and airy. Vivid colours furnishing the space. Exactly the type of space I love. We’d spotted that the menu (a huge board outside) was now focusing on pide and pizza. Prices were reasonable. But familiarity and habit draws you to more regular haunts, so we’ve always just continued along to Bahane and other places.

So, it was the lahmacun that was the clincher – the final tempter that prompted us to give it a try one day when we went for lunch with Barry’s mum…

Seaside Dining

Lighthouse Restaurant in Çalış has a real seaside feel to it, with boarded flooring inside and out. And the floor-to-ceiling sliding windows that mean the outside comes in if it’s a bit too cold to sit outside. On the day we went, there was a smattering of people sat outside in t-shirts, soaking up the rays.

But, whether it’s a case of being in Fethiye for so long and therefore feeling the cold, or whether we’re just being big softies, we sat inside, sheltered from that early spring bite in the breeze.

Lighthouse Restaurant Menu

Simple is best. The opposite side of the menu is in Turkish.

The menu at Lighthouse Restaurant is simple. Pide, pizza – the lahmacun, of course – a few güveç options and then a couple of Turkish desserts. Simple is best, and whether this is just an out-of-season menu or whether it’s a permanent fixture, we’re not sure…but it certainly does the trick for us, especially with the full bar, too. (Update 2017 – the menu has grown but is still simple. The pide chef, thankfully, is still the same guy.)

Which Lighthouse Pide To Choose

After pondering the interesting spicy courgette option as a pide topping, kavurma suddenly jumped out at me (the menu in the photo above is the translated English version – you’re looking at ‘braised’). Courgette will have to wait for another time. Tender chunks of meat won the day quite easily. We ordered drinks, ordered our food and then waited expectantly, hoping the pide was going to be as good as the lahmacun had looked.

Salad At Lighthouse Pide And Pizza

A simple salad that is fresh and colourful – perfect

A generous salad arrived, complete with a favourite for us; tangy pickled red cabbage. Ohhhh, lovely! And dressings and seasonings were already on the table. We got to action…and a generous drizzle of olive oil, oodles of nar ekşisi and a squeeze of fresh lemon soon dressed our salad plate of rocket leaves, parsley, thinly sliced onion and pickled red cabbage. We removed the lid from the tub of chilli flakes in preparation for the pide arrival…

A Great Pide At Lighthouse

And we weren’t disappointed when the pides were delivered to us! An oblong canoe of hot, thin crispy dough, topped with herbs, chopped tomato and chunks of braised meat (kavurma), served on a long wooden board. What a lovely sight!

And, as we looked down at the size of the pides that had just been given to us, the portion of chips we’d ordered – that weren’t even on the menu – all of a sudden looked a bit lonely and redundant. Were we really going to need chips with all that pide and salad?

Kavurma Pide At Lighthouse Restaurant In Çalış

You can see why we were so happy when the pide arrived

We set to work with the chilli flakes; a good liberal, yet careful, sprinkling, making sure each slice had an even crimson cover. For us, a pide without chilli flakes, especially a meaty pide, just isn’t the same. It’s worth spending a minute or two making sure of a good even coverage.

Çalış Beach Snack Options

Needless to say, we worked our way through our  rather large helpings of pide, and the salad.

And those chips that we all said there was no way we would eat; they went, too. It’s great to have another pide option like this along Çalış Beach.

We love the pide at Güven’s but sometimes we can’t get it in winter. And we love to go to Pizza Calisto for a ginormous, super spicy Mexican pizza occasionally, too.

Now, Lighthouse Restaurant can be added to the pide/pizza tally.

Katmer Dessert At Lighthouse Restaurant In Çalış Beach

Not the layered katmer base we’re familiar with but still yummy

And we weren’t finished there, either. The sun was hitting the glass windows and we were toasty and warm, enjoying the sea views but sheltered from the breeze. We ordered another drink and indulged in katmer. Well, there were three of us so it wasn’t too naughty, sharing one between us.

Who Ordered Katmer?

Katmer is a sweet dish, usually to be found in villages as part of a Turkish village breakfast or a snack. We’ve eaten katmer in Kayaköy in the past but have never seen it along Çalış Beach before. Tahini, honey and walnuts – a perfect combination. We took our time over our shared dessert as it’s rich and filling, and we even left a morsel, too. No more room in any of our bulging tummies.

We’ll definitely be back at Lighthouse Bar along Çalış Beach, sometime soon, though. A happy part of life in Turkey is having a good-sized bank of pide options. Lighthouse has been added to our bank. And actually, what prompted this post was our photo of the kavurmalı pide that you can see above.

We shared this to our Instagram and also our Facebook page last week. As you can see, it went down well on Facebook (it did on Instagram, too) and lots of people were asking us where we ate this particular pide. Guess lots of us love a good pide

Read about this restaurant along Çalış Beach:…

Posted by Turkey's For Life on Thursday, March 3, 2016

And an update from the very same month. We couldn’t resist returning to Lighthouse Restaurant and, we did mention they were doing güveç dishes, now. Well, we don’t want to be boring and plump for the same food every time so Barry went for the kiremitte köfte (mini beef pates baked in a clay pot with a tomato sauce and roasted peppers).

Casserole Dish At Lighthouse Restaurant, Çalış Beach

Kiremitte köfte with homemade lavaş bread and salad

Mmm, apart from the salad, of course, all of this is served straight from the stone oven in the restaurant. Hot, homemade lavaş bread just waiting to be dipped into the cheese and tomato for the köfte. An individual salad, too, and all the dressings and additions (olive oil, nar ekşisi, chilli flakes) brought to the table. A lush lunch. But if you can manage to eat the lot, then you’re not going to need much else for your evening meal, are you?

Oh, and it’s not expensive, either. Happy days!

Lighthouse Restaurant, Çalış Beach – Useful Info

  • Lighthouse Restaurant is along Çalış Beach. At the main beach entrance, take a right and it’s around half way down. Hotel Bahar is directly behind it.
  • Our pide was served with a large, complimentary side salad. 
  • If you know us, you’ll know we’re big advocates of real, homemade chips. As you can see in our photos, the Lighthouse chips are not homemade. However, they are also not on the menu. We were cheeky and asked for them, so no complaints. We asked; they provided. 
  • In previous times, Lighthouse Restaurant has served other foods – if the present pide and pizza menu options expand through summer, we’ll let you know… But we love this menu, just as it is. (2017 – Menu has expanded with simple meals. All is well!)
  • We’ve added Lighthouse Pide & Pizza to our eating and drinking ideas in the Fethiye area. Not  a definitive list – just a good few suggestions. 

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  1. Lahmacun for 5TL !!! I live ın the wrong place

    • Ha ha, guess your neck of the woods is pricey? Wouldn’t want to be paying too much more than 5TL for our lahmacun – reckon Lighthouse Restaurant have got it just about right for winter. 🙂

  2. Seeing the Pide made me so homesick for Turkey. Not that Turkey has ever been my home but I do love it. This looks like a particularly good Pide and the vibrant coloured pickled cabbage also reminded me of the accompaniment for Balik Emek on the boats in Istanbul – sort of. 🙂

  3. now that really is one to keep in mind on the odd occasions when we are over that way.

  4. Hmmmmm!!! LAHMACUUUN

  5. Seeing that menu makes my mouth water. How come all the Turkish pizzeria owners in Copenhagen insist on making Italian food instead of focusing on something as great as lahmacun?

    • Always a bugbear, Mette. We always feel like Turkish food takes a back seat, even amongst some Turkish business owners. That’s why we really like this menu at Lighthouse restaurant, because it’s so simple. the Turkish translation sounds more mouthwatering but most visitors to Çalış Beach are English language speakers so thought this photo would be the better option. 🙂

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