Aroma Beach Club, Çalış – An Easy Chillout Zone

It’s been a summer of beaches, this year. New businesses to explore, old favourites to revisit. Around the peninsula in Fethiye, we’ve been to Aksazlar and JJ Beach Park at Büyük Boncuklu. Across the water, we’ve sailed to Şövalye Island to visit Şövalye Adası Beach & Restaurant. And in Çalış and Koca Çalış, we’ve said hi at Güven’s and met friends at Zentara. And we’ve tried a couple of other ‘new’ beaches, too. One of those is Aroma Beach Club…

Aroma Beach Club, Çalış

Not brand new, but relatively new to the area, Aroma Beach Club can’t really be missed if you walk along the stretch of Çalış Beach. As the promenade bends round to the right towards Lukka Bar, there it is, directly facing you. But we’d never been until this year.

Aroma Beach Club, Çalış

Aroma Beach Club

Friends go there all the time, whether on holiday or living here. Aroma Beach Club is a place that is on most people’s radar… Guess we’re not most people. These two creatures of habit know where they like and what they like. This is a beach we have walked past countless times to get to other places.

Why Aroma Beach Club?

So, how did Aroma Beach Club come to be somewhere that we decided to finally pay a visit – and actually, pay it more than one visit? Not just the once have we been here. Well, if you are a regular reader of these ramblings about our life in Turkey, you’ll know we’re keen to have our little oracle of Fethiye Beaches all up to date and packed with links for information. That means more beachy exploration and Aroma Beach Club was lacking on the information front.

But there are lots of other places that are on our need-to-visit list, too. The clincher for Aroma Beach Club was ease! From where we live, it’s a gentle stroll. We’d both been a bit under the weather – summer colds – and lying horizontal in the breeze seemed quite appealing. Aroma Beach Club suddenly seemed quite alluring.

Aroma Beach Club

Geraniums contrasting against the blue skies of Çalış

Minimum Spend

There’s a minimum spend of 10 TL per person at Aroma Beach Club if you want free use of the sun loungers and umbrellas. That’s no problem for us – easily done. They’re well spaced, as you can see in the photo above, so you don’t feel like you’re sharing space – and personal life – with your fellow sunbathers. And, of course, there’s the constant, welcome, famous Çalış breeze.

A member of staff wandered and weaved between the beds to take drinks orders and serve them. We’re not seasoned pros at Aroma Beach Club but both times we visited, there was no hassle or pressure to buy drinks. We were given a number and each time we wanted a drink brought to the bed, we just had to signal to the waiter. All very smooth.

Aroma Beach Club Dining

Many customers spend the day lounging in these areas

Time For Shade

But you know us. We soon get bored at the beach – and a bit sunny, too. We’re no sun worshippers and it’s only a matter of (short) time before we have to hunt for real shade. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of that at Aroma Beach Club. Up on the dining terrace, there are tables with comfortable, cushioned seating for lounging. Customers were making full use of these – I spied a chance to take a photo of an empty one as a family left.

Comfortable as they looked, those were not shaded enough for us. And, on the second time we went to Aroma Beach Club we wanted to eat a late lunch, as well. No fancy tables necessary for us – we just need a practical eating space.

Aroma Beach Club Dining

Lots of shaded dining at Aroma Beach Club

That’s readily available at Aroma Beach Club. The dining area is in full shade and you can take your pick of tables – if you’re not there at the height of the lunchtime rush. This place does get busy.

What About The Food?

As two people who spend so much time online with the blog and browsing Instagram photos, it’s quite some achievement that we’d never even seen any photos of the food at Aroma. Is this not a haunt of the Instagram brigade?

Anyway, that meant that as we browsed the menu, we were pretty much ordering blind; putting our full faith in the meal descriptions and just taking the plunge. Oh, and there was a bit of craning of the neck, too – you know, just to try and see what was on the plates being served to other diners.

Aroma Beach Club Pizza

Fiery chicken pizza at Aroma Beach Club

Pizza Time

Anyway, I must’ve been feeling very brave because I plumped for the pizza. I’m quite particular about my pizzas. I need a thin base and dislike too much cheese. But a ‘fiery chicken’ description on the menu caught my eye so I decided to give it a whirl.

Well, you know it was a pizza to my taste if I’m writing about it here. A thin crispy base. I could even pick the slices up without them flopping over and all the filling sliding off. No knife and fork necessary. Jalepeno peppers were the ‘fiery.’ Nothing too ‘blow-your-head-off’ but a spicy pizza, all the same. Pieces of chicken breast. And not too much cheese, hence why it probably wasn’t so sloppy and greasy. Anyway, yeah, a good pizza lunch at Aroma Beach Club.

Aroma Beach Club Köfte

It’s a generous portion at Aroma Beach Club

The First Time Staple

First time meal for Barry whenever we try anywhere we’ve not been before is often the basic grilled köfte. It’s his benchmark for an acceptable eatery. The köfte’s got to be decent. As we’re at a beach club, here, having a late lunch, he wasn’t quite expecting the plateful that was delivered to him! The köfte portion at Aroma Beach Club should leave you well-fuelled for quite some time.

As you can see in the photo, there was no room for the chips so they were on top of the köfte. For the sake of the photo, we should have perhaps revealed the meaty morsels underneath but it would have looked messy. Take our word for it that there were five juicy, meaty köfte hiding under those chips. Grilled pepper, mushroom and tomato, a leaf of lavaş bread and a good sized portion of fresh salad.

Cucumber Bonus

I mention the salad because Barry struggles with cucumbers – heartburn food (for him). That meant my lunch on that day at Aroma Beach Club wasn’t just a fiery chicken pizza. It was a fiery chicken pizza with a side of cucumber chunks. Lovely!

So that’s Aroma Beach Club in Çalış. We’ll no doubt be frequenting the place again at some point soon. Yes, because it’s easy. But not only that. It’s just a pleasant way to spend an afternoon without too much planning or organising. And we love an easy life!

Aroma Beach Club, Çalış – Useful Information

  • Aroma Beach Club is at the end of the main stretch of Çalış Beach in Fethiye.
  • You can use the beds and umbrellas for free if you spend 10 TL or more, per person.
  • Aroma Beach Club Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and evening meals. There’s a children’s menu, too.
  • There’s a small play park for children who are bored of the beach.
  • In the summer months, Aroma Beach Club has Friday barbecue nights with entertainment such as acrobats and firedancers. They’re popular so book in advance.
  • Aroma Beach club is available for private parties and weddings, too.
  • For Aroma and other beaches in the Fethiye area and beyond, take a look at our Fethiye Beaches page. This has an interactive map so you can see where each beach is. There are also links to the beaches we have visited and reviewed. Happy chilling.
  • If beaches are not for you and you prefer to be a bit more active, here’s a list of other activities you can do in Fethiye

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