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Incir Fethiye – Top Notch Seasonal Dining

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Incir Fethiye. We finally made it there and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

A few years ago, Incir (meaning Fig) opened its doors in the village of Kayaköy and we were immediately excited by it.

A restaurant serving up traditional dishes with a modern twist and using only the finest seasonal produce.

Perfect! A concept after our own hearts.

And we kept meaning to go. And we never made it.

Incir Fethiye

And then in the spring of 2023, the guys decided to relocate and move to Fethiye centre.

A grand pillared entrance to Casa Margot Hotel in Fethiye. Incir Restaurant is on the roof terrace but not visible from this viewpoint.
Entrance to Casa Margot – Incir is on the roof terrace

A magnificent setting on the roof of Casa Margot Hotel – a hotel that sits on the cliff face high above the bay of Fethiye.

Not only did we now have freshly made seasonal dishes to tempt us; we now also had panoramic views as a backdrop.

Final Throes Of Summer

It was late summer when we decided we could muster up the energy to walk up the hill to Incir – slightly cooler temperatures.

We’d seen on their Instagram account that it was the final week of the summer menu.

The following week, the autumn menu would be released.


We could visit on this day and then our next visit, we would have different seasonal treats to tempt us.

After choosing an outside table in the shade, we took in the views before browsing the menu.

A rooftop circular table at Incir Restaurant is shaded by a parasol, overlooking Fethiye bay. Lots of boats in the sea.
Great food accompanies stupendous views over Fethiye

Slow Food

Incir Fethiye is all about slow food – they’re part of the international Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance.

That means they only use local ingredients from carefully selected producers.

Producers who prefer not to use chemicals and pesticides.

And their mission is to protect and reinterpret the traditional recipes of Anatolian cuisine.

For that reason, when you go to Incir Fethiye, you’re not going to be handed a huge menu with countless pages to leaf through.

No, just a few select seasonal dishes – but on that day, we were still spoilt for choice.

There was nothing we didn’t want.


In the end, we narrowed it down to four separate dishes to share between us.

Whilst we waited for our dishes to be served, the waiter brought us olives and sourdough bread.

Eight green olives in olive oil and pomegranate molasses. Slices of bread are in the background.
Dressed green olives and sourdough bread to start

Olive oil and tangy nar ekşisi cloaked the olives.

I made a point not to demolish the bread like I usually do – one of our chosen dishes was prawns in chilli garlic butter.

It would be remiss not to have bread on the table for that!

And then our dishes started to arrive.

The waiter had asked us if we’d like a bit of a gap between some dishes so that our hot servings weren’t going cold.

This is our favourite way to eat.

Leisurely dining. And the feeling of savouring each shared dish.

Three battered, stuffed courgette flowers served with yoghurt and rocket leaves.
Stuffed courgette flowers in a light crisp batter – divine

The portions are generous at Incir Fethiye.

Leaving some of the bread for later was a good idea.

A bowl of stuffed courgette flowers arrived, coated in a light, crisp batter. Barry’s choice.

In the centre was a lightly spiced cheese filling. Delicate; not heavy.

And then my choice. Fava puree made with rakı!

A circular serving of fava puree. A purple blooming onion is on the left.
Silky smooth fava made with rakı and served with a blooming onion

Perhaps the most silky fava we’ve ever had.

As a result of the rakı? We don’t know.

But the hints of aniseed flavour really lifted what can sometimes be a bland meze plate if not made with care.

The blooming red onion it was served with was lightly roasted, bringing out the sweetness.

Those flavours and the crisp crunch of the onion were a perfect compliment to the velvety rakı fava.

Two dishes down. Both of which had us talking – they’d been memorable for all the right reasons.

A bowl of prawns in chilli garlic butter. A blurred serving of liver is in the background.
Time for the shrimps

After a short gap our waiter asked us if we were ready for our next two courses.

And then the butter garlic prawns arrived.

You can see why we kept some of the bread to one side to enjoy this dish!

Pure indulgence!

Thinly sliced liver served with sliced red onion and parsley.
The yaprak ciğer was so tasty

And last but not least; not for everyone, we know, but we adore liver.

The yaprak ciğer (thinly sliced liver) at Incir was served with its traditional accompaniment of thinly sliced red onion and parsley.

We have so many friends in the UK who say they don’t like liver. And then change their minds when they come to Turkey.

Our yaprak ciğer dish at Incir would have been one of those dishes to convince friends that liver is always worth ordering when you see it on the menu.

Incir Fethiye – Seasonal Menu

Since our visit to Incir, the seasons have changed.

And so has the menu.

A table with a view over Fethiye Marina at Incir Fethiye. Forested hills line the background.
Views over the marina from Incir Fethiye

Whilst a handful of dishes remain the same, there are now also lots of new dishes for us to sample.

So we’re now looking forward to enjoying some of Incir’s autumnal offerings along with the views over Fethiye and the marina.

There are so many places to eat and drink in Fethiye and around.

Incir is now right up there for somewhere to go when we want to enjoy something a little bit different for a special occasion.

If you’re looking for burgers, pizzas and chips (sometimes, we are), Incir is not the place for you.

If you’re looking for a seasonal selection of high-quality Anatolian dishes made with local ingredients, then don’t miss it.

We love what they do.

Incir Fethiye – Useful Information

  • Incir Fethiye is on the roof terrace of Casa Margot Hotel on Abdi İpek Caddesi (see map below).
  • The building has lift access.
  • We shared four dishes between us. Portions are generous and prices are reasonable for the quality of dishes served.
  • Local wines are served as well as cocktails and a selection of beers. Hot drinks and soft drinks are also available.
  • Incir Fethiye has a breakfast menu (served til 2pm) and a dinner menu (served from 2pm onwards).
  • Their current menus can be viewed on their website.
  • For an idea of some of the other dishes they serve, you can also follow them on Instagram.
  • The roof terrace of Incir is covered so they can now open year round.

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Thursday 26th of October 2023

Just wanted to say thank you so much for highlighting this restaurant! We are planning another trip to Fethiye next year and I am always on the hunt for authentic Turkish food which we adore, I fully intend to make a note of this place and to visit, just had a peak at the menu online and it looks amazing!

Turkey's For Life

Friday 27th of October 2023

Hi Sarah, thanks a lot for your comment. :) We haven't met anyone who hasn't enjoyed their experience at Incir Fethiye so we hope you like it, too. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.