Fethiyespor Results 2018/19

Fethiyespor Fixtures & Results For The 2018-19 Season

Welcome to our 2018-19 Fethiyespor Fixtures & Results page…

The table below shows Fethiyespor’s fixtures and results for the 2018-19 season which we hope you’ll find useful as the season progresses.

For the 2018-19 season, you can now click on the result after the match and get all the Fethiyespor match stats. Who scored, who was substituted, who got a yellow card etc. Click on the player name and you can get some info about him, too.

As we fill in results from the beginning of September onwards, you’ll also be able to see our Fethiyespor league table positions.

To those not very familiar with football in Turkey, especially in the lower leagues, the setup can seem a bit complicated (it confused us no end when we used to ask friends about Fethiyespor a few years ago) but it’s actually all very simple.

Below, we’ve given you a few snippets of (hopefully) useful information.

Spor Toto 2nd League – Red Group

For the 2018-19 season, the Spor Toto 2nd League (2. Lig) has a total of 36 teams. This is a lot of teams so the league is split into two separate groups: White Group (Beyaz Grup) and Red Group (Kırmızı Grup), with 18 teams in each group.

In June 2018, a draw took place in Istanbul to decide which teams will play in which group. This is always a time of much anticipation and discussion; waiting to see if, on paper, it’s going to be a tough season ahead or an easy ride. Well, Fethiyespor are in the Red Group for the 2018-19 season and we’ve heard mixed reaction as to whether we are in a tough group or not.

Some say it’s tough; others say Fethiyespor will make the play-offs for promotion. The eternal optimists versus the hopeless pessimists.

2018-19 Fethiyespor Fixtures – Spor Toto 2nd League Red Group Teams

As well as looking at our opposition and trying to predict the success (or not) of the upcoming season, we also like to look at fixtures to see if there any enticing away games. There are lots of great travel opportunities in football but, because the season is in the Turkish winter, some places can be super cold and best left for warmer times.

The great news for Fethiyespor supporters is that we are in the same group as Bandırmaspor. Bandırmaspor are known as Fethiyespor’s ‘kardeş takım’ (brother team). It’s a bit of a love-in between the supporters when these two teams meet.

Fethiyespor’s first match of the season is away against Şanlıurfaspor on 2nd September 2018. It’ll be an evening kick off because we’ve still got the heat of summer. New management team and new signings so all will be different but, just for reference, Fethiyespor finished in 14th position last season. Şanlıurfaspor were 4th.

Fethiyespor Fixtures 2018-19 – How The Season Is Organised

The Turkish football season is all arranged in very logical fashion. Obviously, the odd postponed match here and there can temporarily jiggle this up in places but it all works out well in the end.

  • The season is divided into two halves and 34 weeks.
  • The first half of the season – Week 1 to Week 17 – runs from September 2nd 2018 to 16th December 2018.
  • The second half of the season – Week 18 to Week 34 – runs from 20th January 2019 to 4th May 2019.
  • The first and second halves of the season are mirror images of each other except home and away matches are reversed. So, for the Fethiyespor fixtures, the first match of the season (2nd September) is away to Şanlıurfaspor. That means Fethiyespor’s first match of the second half of the season is also against Şanlıurfaspor, but this time, Fethiyespor are at home. You get the drift…

2018-19 Fethiyespor Fixtures & Results – Match Days And Times

Fethiyespor Fixtures – Match Times

Kickoff times are released by the TFF (Turkish Football Federation) as the season progresses…and (very rarely, but it has happened) they can change, too, at very short notice. As we find out times, we’ll add them here and all times will be local Turkish time.

Fethiyespor Fixtures – Match Days

In Sport Toto 2nd League most matches are played at weekends, on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. There are a few exceptions where the odd midweek game will be played, still in the afternoon and, occasionally, there are evening kickoffs, too. For Fethiyespor’s fixtures, their first few home games are often at night because of the summer heat.

As with match kickoff times, Fethiyespor fixtures can change at very little notice so keep an eye out for changes if you do want to catch a game. If we find out about changes, we’ll let people know via our Facebook page and on Twitter.

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll know matches can get postponed due to bad weather, cup matches and international matches. All the dates in the fixtures list are as things stand right now. If we find out about any alterations to the fixture list, we’ll change it accordingly.

Here’s to a successful run for Fethiyespor in the 2018-19 season and we hope you can get to the stadium for a match sometime if you’re in Fethiye on match day!

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