Calisto Pizza & Beer By The Sea – Don’t Mind If We Do

Çalış Beach in winter always interests us because you get the odd business or two that seem much more lively in the daytime than they do in the busy summer season. Yeah, we know it's the change in weather and all that but you just get used to seeing quiet day times. Then, all of a sudden, there's … [Read more...]

Lodos On Çalış Beach – We Like Waves

Just in case you go thinking we've got a bit of a weather obsession at the moment, we've not. Well, not really, anyway. It's just that, right now, anyone and everyone who lives in coastal areas around Turkish shores is talking about the weather. In our last blogpost about the weather in Fethiye, … [Read more...]

Getting Into The Festive Spirit At Çalış Christmas Fair – Times Are A’Changin’

Over the years, we've watched the Çalış Christmas Fair change and grow (and taken many Christmas Fair photos in the process) and yesterday, the rains that had been forecast held off - it even got hot and sunny at one point - and the promenade along Çalış Beach was packed with both stalls and … [Read more...]

Çalış Beach Sunset – Photo Of The Day And A December Update

Yes, this is the photo-of-the-day for December 6th in our December New Year countdown. It's been a popular one on our Turkey's For Life Facebook page - don't we all love a good Çalış Beach sunset. It doesn't matter how many photos we take of them, no two are the same. Yesterday was really balmy … [Read more...]

Autumn Scenes Along Çalış Beach – Sad Or Serene?

It was a photo we put on our Facebook page that prompted this post. If you read this blog a lot, you'll know that autumn and spring are our favourite times of year to be in Fethiye. The weather is perfect for getting out and about, making activities like our Fethiye Must Sees & Dos much more … [Read more...]

Çalış Beach Restaurant – Indian and More

We were beginning to get a bit paranoid. Paranoid that whenever we wrote about somewhere good to eat (wherever we are in Turkey, but particularly in Fethiye) we were putting the kiss of death onto the place. One or two of the restaurants or cafes we have written about in the past have, unfortunately … [Read more...]

In Appreciation Of Fethiye Yörük Çadırları

Two years ago, we wrote about The Tents at Çalış Beach. Well, that's just what we call them, but their full, correct name is actually Fethiye Yörük Çadırları (Fethiye Nomad Tents). The nomad tents have sat at the end of Çalış Beach for years and, for that, we're very grateful - hence another post … [Read more...]

Luxury Lounging On Çalış Beach – A Day At Şat Beach Club

When our friends were here a couple of weeks back, they were thinking of something different to do for the day. We'd spent a good bit of time with them around the pool of the Yacht Classic, where they were staying. They'd had their annual Ölüdeniz fix by spending the day on Belcekiz Beach. We'd had … [Read more...]

Winter Sunset: Çalış Beach

This is Çalış Beach, near Fethiye in Southwest Turkey and there is one fabulous reason to visit: it has a huge claim to fame. Çalış Beach plays host some of the most beautiful sunsets you will see anywhere in the world. Çalış gets a bit of bad press from some of the more well known guidebooks to … [Read more...]

Fethiye Storms – The Aftermath

I know there are horrendous storms that affect certain parts of the world on a regular basis and last night's storm in Fethiye would probably look like a mere gust of wind in comparison to those, but for this area of the Southwest Turkish coast, the storm was pretty significant. Thunder, lightening, … [Read more...]